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Project 8 is revolutionizing subsidized housing through an innovative approach rooted in deep community connection and the essential alliances that drive change. Our mission is to empower low-income families by addressing housing inequities with a comprehensive strategy that integrates mental health awareness, policy dissection, and the identification of harmful, intentional laws that negatively impact communities of color.

We meticulously uncover and address all factors affecting these communities, from the conditions within their homes to the surrounding environment. Through education, advocacy, and direct action, we are committed to creating transformative, lasting change in the housing sector, ensuring safe, affordable, and dignified living conditions for all.

Project 8 is dedicated to empowering subsidized housing tenants by advocating for fair living conditions, providing resources, and fostering a collaborative environment for lasting change. We go beyond these objectives to address systemic issues and hidden agendas that perpetuate inequality, especially targeting communities of color. Our mission involves dismantling laws, rules, and regulations that contribute to trapping people in conditions devoid of opportunities and lead to health issues within families.

Through rigorous research, legal support, data analysis, and community organizing, we aim to not only create healthy homes for low-income subsidized housing communities but also to influence and create laws that ensure justice and protection for those relying on these essential services. Project 8 is committed to ending the exploitation of the less fortunate by those in positions of privilege, ensuring a fair and just environment for all.


  1. Equity: We believe in the fundamental principle of fairness and strive to eliminate disparities in housing opportunities.
  2. Collaboration: Our approach is collaborative, working with community advocates, legal experts, and decision-makers to create lasting change.
  3. Long-Term Impact: We are committed to addressing both immediate needs and overarching objectives, focusing on sustainable solutions for housing equality.

Key Objectives:

  1. Equitable Housing Conditions: Work towards creating a housing environment where every individual has access to safe, affordable, and decent housing.
  2. Strategic Alliances: Forge strategic alliances with community advocates, legal experts, and decision-makers to amplify our impact and effect positive change.
  3. Community Empowerment: Empower communities through education, resources, and advocacy, fostering a sense of agency and resilience.
  4. Fair Housing Advocacy: Advocate for fair housing policies and practices, engaging with stakeholders at various levels to influence positive change.


  1. Innovation: Embrace innovative solutions to address the complexities of housing inequalities, leveraging technology, data, and community engagement.
  2. Collaborative Solutions: Foster a synergistic environment through collaboration, bringing together diverse expertise to find comprehensive solutions.
  3. Advocacy and Education: Advocate for fair housing through awareness campaigns, educational initiatives, and policy advocacy.
  4. Strategic Alliances: Establish strategic alliances with organizations, experts, and decision-makers who share our commitment to housing equality.

Community Impact:

Project 8 focuses on creating tangible and sustainable impact within communities:

  • Advocacy: Engage in local, regional, and national advocacy efforts to influence housing policies and legislation.
  • Education: Provide educational resources to communities, promoting awareness of fair housing rights and opportunities.
  • Resources: Offer resources and support to individuals and families facing housing challenges, connecting them with available services.

Whom We Serve:

Project 8 serves communities of color facing housing inequalities, working with individuals, families, and advocates who share our commitment to creating a fair and just housing landscape.

Through our unwavering commitment, strategic alliances, and innovative approach, Project 8 strives to be a catalyst for positive change, shaping a future where housing equality is a reality for all.


Project 8 is revolutionizing subsidized housing through an innovative approach rooted in deep community connection and the essential alliances that drive change. Our mission is to empower low-income families by addressing…

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