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Masaka Orphans Support Programme

Masaka, C, Uganda

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 What is Masaka Orphans Support Programme

 Founded by renowned Social Change Entrepreneur, Christopher Kasumba with support from the mother Church in Masaka and its Diocesan Leaders with similar concerns, it is one of the District’s leading social change and child care framework opposed to mushrooming child care in orphanages, reaching at least 500 OVCs and their households (caregivers) across the entire Masaka District and surrounding areas with a belief that orphans should get support in family settings than in orphanages for with a strong belief that “CHILDREN BELONG IN FAMILIES AND NOT ORPHANAGES”.

 Project Goal

To have Livelihoods (food, income security and health) of OVCs and their caregivers in Masaka District greatly improved by the year 2019 Specific Objectives.

 1. To equip OVCs and their caregivers with skills and knowledge to improve their well being - (household income, food security and health) to improve their livelihoods and well being. 2.

To increase illiteracy levels of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

 3. To provide HIV and AIDS infected/affected children with nutrition support to enable them live better lives and plan for their future.

4. To mobilize resources/seed capital to enable OVCs’ access to startup capital to improve their incomes.

How does MOSP work?

The principle strategy will be to provide both financial and material support to OVCs and their caregiver households as a way of improving livelihoods (food, income security and health). Selected families with OVCs will be given domestic animals, seeds or startup financial support (capital or VSLAs) to improve their livelihoods. The program will continue as they produce and multiply. The project will be supported by MOSP field staff, hired external advisors in line with SAVE THE CHILDREN UGANDA guidelines. Mobilization of the targeted families will be through Local Councils (LC1s), Schools, Churches, CBOs, Mosques, and Parish Development Committees.


What is the anticipated impact of MOSP?

A university-based study in Kabalore and Kyenjojo Districts involving more than 8,000 supported OVC households showed that livelihoods improvement programmes can have powerful effects:

1)  OVCs’ literacy increased by more than 70%

2) Rights of OVCs were greatly protected and hence their living standards and well being

3) Health standards of OVCS ensured and those of their families sustained.

4)  Orphans and Vulnerable Children property were protected

5)  Community members ability to make wills increased

6)  Early marriages & defilement cases among the OVCs are reduced

7)  The OVCs’ income generating ability to open up Income Generating projects enhanced through provision of seed capital.


MOSP will scientifically measure the success of the project.We will use OVC self-reports on changes in their own lives (Most Significant Change Stories); independent external elevator findings and observations; continuous project monitoring records; and records on delinquency local crime rates.

Improved livelihoods of OVCs can last a lifetime and bestow crucial benefits.Social protection breeds self reliance since empowerment requires social inclusion and one’s internalized values and capacity. It strengthens household capacities as members learn to show more respect and thoughtfulness for their orphaned kindred's. It reduces the chance of ill health and high-risk behaviors. Ultimately, it enables children to harness the potential that lies within them.

We would welcome the opportunity to partner with improving the livelihoods of OVCs. Thank you for considering our letter of inquiry. We welcome an opportunity share our details on request

 What is Masaka Orphans Support Programme

 Founded by renowned Social Change Entrepreneur, Christopher Kasumba with support from the mother Church in Masaka and its Diocesan Leaders with similar concerns, it is one of the District’s…

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