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We are grateful to God Almighty that we have been participating in different welfare programmes and coordinating with many welfare organizations for a long time. We felt the dire need of malaing it a full-fledge effort. Our sole aim is to get the blessing of God and to serve this universe. We wish to work practically for the elimination of ever growing unemployment in the country. We wish to work on such development projects as are helpful in pulling an end to the giant problem of unemployment. We wish to create certain atmosphere in which the children of the poor may get education, the life of the widows, orphans and the needy may be improved. We wish to provide the most modern facilities of treatment to the under-served and poor people. We have been consulting our learned folks, the social workers, thinkers, educationists, and experienced persons in this field for a long time; no one opposed the utility of such an organization. The motto of this organization is to solve numberless problems of the masses through provided resources. By the grace of God, this organization is busy in different type of activities of public service in district toba such as the welfare and up lift of the farmers, to provide jobs to the unemployed educated skilled persons in a respective way, and to provide health facilities to the people.


Ø 1-To alleviate poverty in all shape Ø 2-To help the poors masses to generate their own incomes independently Ø 3-To help the agriculture sector to stand on its own footing Ø 4-To provides jobs and income resources to the jobless Ø 5-To work for the welfare of women especially Ø 6-To generate health facilities for the downtrodden Ø 7-To increase the living standard of people Ø 8-To work for the uplift of the agro-based rural community Ø 9-To create reasonable jobs for unemployed educated and skilled persons Ø 10-To provide modern health facilities (modern clinical laboratory, Hospital Ambulance etc) for the region

In this regard the organization has focused on the following field of life.

Agriculture The organization has selected the field of agriculture first of all. It is because the majority of the people of this area are associated with agriculture directly or indirectly. There is no doubt in the fact that agriculture is the backbone of our economy. The only hope for the progress and prosperity of the country is ”Green Revolution”. In this connection our organization provided the modern agriculture tools and equipment on very low fare. We claim that no other organization either private or governmental works on so low rates as we do. According to the statistics of the last four-month, the tractors of the organization worked on the fields with different agriculture tools at 3978 acres area. It benefited almost more than 2300farmers from 600 to 900 rupees per acre annually. It also increases the production per acre from 30 to 50 percent by the use of modern agricultural tools. This organization introduced free tube well scheme, which not only fulfilled the lack of water but also provided jobs to matriculate and intermediate persons as Booking Officers, Tube well Operators, drivers, Caretakers, etc. Moreover the driver working with our organization is earning rupees 4000 to 7500 per month. It is due to the unique structure and system of this organization in which every person can earn according to work capacity freely. Along with it, he has got full freedom and authority in his own department, which is the basic requirement for the self-respect of a person. Recently, the organization has arranged more programmes to stabilize this department, such as veterinary Doctors, training for nursery, agriculture pesticides, and modern agricultural education and consolation. Many farmers are benefiting from these programmes and jobs are also being created for many others. In the near future this organization proposes to establish a “model farm”. It will surely be a model for the farmers and it will also provide them the best modern seeds.

HEALTH The organization has Start a comprehensive programme to solve the problems of the common people and to provide them modern facilities of health. It is a happy news for the people of this area that a “Health scheme 2001” has started in which up to Rs15000 will be provided in case of any disease or accident for a member. A free ambulance service has been launched recently, for the care of both child and mother and to transport the patient to the hospital or to the other city, certain professionals like Lhvs and dispensers are being appointed. Moreover, a work out plane is under speedy consideration and indeed at its final stages about a latest clinical laboratory and hospital which will be equipped with modern medical facilities and machinery like dialyses, CT-scan, X-rays, Altar-sounds.


Our organization has decided to establish a modern computer center to enhance information technology. This computer center will provide access to the inter-net and students will be given courses of IT, with very few fees Moreover, our organization aims at providing funding, stipends, scholarship and financial support to the deserving and poor students who fail to accomplish their education due to extreme poverty. In this connection educational scholarships are being announced for the students and books are provided in whole district.


It is our dream to provide jobs to all the educated master degree-holders of this area who are wandering aimlessly and hopelessly in search of jobs. Our organization has decided to open model-farms, house- industries, small- industries and handicraft units. The management of these units will be handed over to these young men and they will be given full independence to work according to their capabilities. Our organization has decided to launch a scheme named “Goat-searing” for the persons who deserve but are not skilled; they cannot adopt any other profession. It will help in providing them reasonable jobs as well as in meeting the ever-growing need of meat in the country. Organization has also recently started “Roozghar scheme 2001” which is not only providing jobs, but also own source of income to the jobless persons.


Our organization has pledged to wipe out begging and its roots from tehsil Gojra. A comprehensive programme has been launched in this connection under which The Zakat-deserving people will be pointed out by a survey. At the first stage, They will be guided to get Zakat from the concerned quarters. At the second stage, the organization will help the remaining needy persons financially. The work on this project is already under-way.

The organization is purely a welfare organization society. Our sole aim is to serve the poor, needy, and the under-served sections of society. We are indebted to our encourager, critics, and friends for extending their full time cooperation. We are always looking forward to your kind guidance, help and cooperation. All those who have conscious, who fear God, who love their deserving fellow beings, who love their land and its inhabitant, who feel for the poor, are humbly invited cordially to share hands with us. We hopefully look forward to your cooperation to eliminate poverty, to overcome disease and UN employment, to help people lead better lives as the good citizens of Pakistan.

Manager Administration,


Ali Welfare organization Gojra.




We are grateful to God Almighty that we have been participating in different welfare programmes and coordinating with many welfare organizations for a long…

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