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Who are we:

Tamir is non-profitable, non-sectarian, non-political organization having an ambition to strengthen the community through various development projects by fostering self- reliance, self-sufficiency and self-sustained opportunities and available resources. Tamir was established on January 1, 1996 and registered on October 23, 1996 having registration no. 485/DDSW & WD/FSD/96 with the Social Welfare Department (Government of Punjab) with its main focus on community development.

Vision: To create inclusive, barrier free and rights based society by empowering the disadvantaged community of Pakistan.

Mission:To build an inclusive society through adequate resources and equal opportunities by providing community-based-services and the promotion of collaborative partnerships.

Aim & Objectives:1. To Strengthened the rural & urban community through self-reliance activities.2. To Promote self-determination of community members specially economically poor women, children and disable people.

Geographical Area: We are a Grass Root Level Volunteer Organization working for marginalized community in rural and low income areas of Pakistan.

Values:We value

  • each individual as human being, irrespective of religious, cultural or social background
  • all our programme of education, health, training, Rehabilitation and humanitarian service as means of empowering people and enabling all to achieve a better quality of personal and community life
  • the privilege and opportunities to be of service to our community
  • in the conduct of our professional work: transperancy, good goverance, unity, integrity, honesty, responsibility, respect, tolerance and humility

Origin and Current Position:

Tamir Welfare Organization initiated a community development programme which is known as 'Tamir Cheshire Community Programme' (TCCP) supported by Leonard Cheshire International ( U.K in the year 1998. From 2002-11, TCCP was funded by Community Fund/Big Lottery Fund UK to provide Community Based Services in the low income target areas of Faisalabad city. From 2012, Allied Bank Limited, Pakistan has sponsored our programme for two years 2012-13 in the Health and Rehabilitation Sectors.

Faisalabad District having population 8 million consists of 6 Tehsils / Taluks namely: Faisalabad city, Faisalabad Sadar, Jaranwala, Samundri Chak Jhumra and Tandianwala.

Faisalabad district is an industrial city and it is the third largest by population of Pakistan. Though the majority of the inhabitants are poor, unemployed or employed as wage earners or labourers, uneducated and unaware about their rights.Other problems resulting from this situation include violence, drug and substance abuse, street children, lack of rehabilitation facilities, Lack of hygiene and basic health services may lead to higher risks of infections, ill health and disabilities with high rates of morbidity and mortality. Violence, especially towards vulnerable groups such as persons with disability, is a serious problem.

Our early work was directed strongly towards meeting the needsof children and young people. However, rapidly changing social and economic circumstances had created an urgent need for work amongst people who were being excluded from society because of their inability to access education in basic skills. The strategic direction of Tamir-Pakistan was consequently changed.

We have

  • developed a strong and an efficient organisation in the area with suitable infrastructure, facilities and service.
  • acquired trained, qualified and experienced staff
  • established a 'track record' for the quality and effectiveness of our work
  • developed links with a number of charities with corresponding concerns
  • established bases and a good reputation for our work in community centres, churches and schools
  • developed a range of relevant and effective programmes

Acitivities: To know our activities, photopgraph and programmes please log in our facebook: and visit our website

Thank for interest in our organization, we love to hear your comments. Please email us at

Who are we:

Tamir is non-profitable, non-sectarian, non-political organization having an ambition to strengthen the community through various development projects by fostering self- reliance, self-sufficiency and self-sustained…

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