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Welcome to The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF)

The Learners Lab Foundation is a national charitable workforce training incubator and centralized 501c economic development information & resource depot. We are relentlessly working to build support infrastructure for our key focus areas:

1)  Fiscal Sponsorships: connecting new/future 501c tax exempts secure the business, operations, funding, and financial resources they require, and

2)  Open-Access [Multi-Lingual] Workforce Training: providing the nations labor pool and employers with unrestricted free & discounted workforce training,professional development tool that serve all industries, career levels and languages.

Our mission is to develop, acquire and provide access to free and discounted professional development resources across business & industry, help future tax exempt entities become established, and help young tax exempts launch & mobilize their operations.

The results of our work will...

 * eliminate start-up and growth obstacles,

 * establish mentor and support partnerships to ensure training and entrepreneurial success,

 * partner with OEMs, vendors, employers, solution providers and peers in the business community to secure free & heavily discounted products, services, & technologies,

 * securing investments and investment partnerships for pipeline of market-planned and market-ready products developed by Fiscally Sponsored entities of the Foundation as well as those designed/developed by the Foundation,

 * fill training, technology, operational resource gaps, barriers and provide access to them, and developing them in-house, and

 * create a demand for skilled, per-trained interns & apprentice who are cross-training in all business operations not just the required skills of a particular discipline

The Foundation also:

 * awards professional development fellowships,

 * provides management consulting & technical assistance services,

 * will award complimentary fiscal sponsorship's & memberships as resources permit, and

 * establish a running list of other public foundations & charities to whom it will make direct support contributions

Our Fellowship Academy which intertwines between our Charitable Workforce Training and Fiscal Sponsorship endeavors are keenly focused on closing the gap to the essential resources workforce community and new 501c's encounter. It will be an accredited institution that marries Workforce Professional Development Training with Academic Adult Continuing Education.

This is the 21st century, these barriers should not exist. Employers demand both raw and specialized skills in real time, but the labor pool also demands open access to what they want and need to attain, secure and progress thru their work and career. That means “training should be available for to everyone for everyone in Real Time if not free, then in a cost effective manner. 501c's are businesses granted permission to operate as a tax exempt, but they are still business with business needs who need price-friendly solutions. Start-Up, whether new, young or at the idea stage are a hugely ignored market but we are looking and will will serve them.

“The Learners Lab Foundation has several motto'. Some of them include :

"Incubator of the Future, for The Future",

Filing in Gaps, Making Things Happen

"Incubating Success",

"Fueling Self-Empowerment."

We're doing all that and more! And we could use your help!

Visit us today at https://TheLearnersLabFoundation.org to learn more about our programs, services, and the efforts of our Fiscal Sponsorship Awardees.

Thank You.

Welcome to The Learners Lab Foundation (TLLF)

The Learners Lab Foundation is a national charitable workforce training incubator and centralized 501c economic development information & resource depot. We are relentlessly working…

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  • Educação
  • Empreendedorismo
  • Emprego & Capacidade Laboral
  • Ciência & Tecnologia

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  • 8557227788
  • Info@TheLearnersLab.org
  • Princess Garden Parkway
    Lanham, MD 20706

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