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Our aims is to promote and facilitate social, educational and cultural travel amongst students and youths aimed at increasing international understanding.

Established in May 2002 as a volunteer placement and student travel organisation, Interxchange Gambia has proven to be the right choice for the intending student, youth and adult traveller to the Gambia with our inbound and outbound educational and experiential programmes designed basically to link them both to the developed and developing country.


An outstanding and experiential programme for prospective volunteers designed to - Develop your international experience and personal potential - Share your skills and learn new cultures and ways of living - Enjoy a unique working experience in West Africa - Live with an African family and exchange cultures - Make new friends and help change the world - Beef up your Curriculum Vitae

The inbound volunteer placement programme gives prospective volunteers, gap year students and intending travellers the unique opportunity to volunteer in The Gambia and Senegal. Volunteers are placed to bring in their skills, ideas and work with local/ grassroots organisations and small scale enterprises in various projects from a minimum working period of six (6) weeks to a maximum period of Six (6) months. With the successful number of positive feedback from past volunteers, our placement programme has proven to be another way of gaining work experience and African way of living.

Our volunteer placement programmes include:- - Teaching Preschool / Secondary - HIV/AIDS projects - Women in Development - Culture / Tourism / Eco Tourism - Community Development - Speech Therapy - Child Development and Survival - Physical and Mental Disability - Agriculture/Vegetable Gardening - Communications, Marketing & Fundraising - Small Scale / Business Development

Your Host Organization

Interxchange Gambia finds a suitable placement programme in our list of charities, grassroots and local organisations that suits the applicants’ area of interest. Volunteer jobs are focused mainly on hands-on-jobs in the field and office when necessary. Applicants are expected to work at odd hours when the need arises due to the high demand of work. However this doesn’t occur at all times. This is an opportunity to share your skills and learn new ones while you make new friends and have a lifetime experience in. Your Host Organisation is always in constant communication with Interxchange Gambia to provide you with the necessary support throughout the placement period.

Your Host Family

During the placement period, volunteers live with host families for exchange of cultures and at the same time give them the real feel of the African life style. Host families are carefully chosen, motivated by an interest in sharing their culture and way of living with you and able to provide you with a safe and comfortable home away from home. Host families are compensated monthly for the feeding and accommodation and welcome you as a family member and hopes you’ll have a rewarding experience!!!

Arrival Orientation

Your volunteer adventure begins in and around Banjul where you attend a four day arrival orientation. Interxchange Gambia staff meet you at the airport and escort you to your host family or orientation residence. You will attend medical and cultural orientation programmes, sightseeing and will be taken on a city tour to see useful places such as banks, local and supermarkets, forex bureaus, post office, taxi parks, museum etc… As part of the orientation, all volunteers are registered with their respective embassies / high commissions / consulates upon arrival for emergency purposes.

Ongoing Support Service

The placement programme is overseen by the Programme Director and Coordinated by the Project Manager. The Project Manager visits volunteers periodically to ensure their safety and well being both at home and at work and provide the necessary support and advice. However, volunteers are urged to call the office in case of emergencies.

You are Eligible to volunteer if?

- You are above eighteen (18) years - You are fluent in English and have at least graduated from High school - You are matured and willing to take responsibility - You are medically fit to work in Africa

- No skills are needed in certain programmes but just the enthusiasm and willingness to work.


Appointed as Issuing Office of the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) by the International Association Service in Amsterdam, Interxchange Gambia provides the traveling student a single uniform identity recognized worldwide and fully endorsed by UNESCO for identification and traveling purpose.

Accepted and issued in over 100 countries, the ISIC is the one and only internationally recognized proof of full time student status and gives access to thousands of discounts and benefits worldwide ranging from supermarkets, stationery shops, hotels, restaurants, airfares to a lot more.

Contact Interxchange Gambia office for a list of discounts in The Gambia or read more about the ISIC on

Our aims is to promote and facilitate social, educational and cultural travel amongst students and youths aimed at increasing international understanding.

Established in May 2002 as a volunteer placement and student travel…

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