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Corfu Donkey Rescue

Doukádes, F, Grécia |
Faz parte desde setembro 2015

Sobre Nós

This is the only donkey rescue centre on the Greek island Corfu. In 2004 we got our first donkey – now we have helped over 400 donkeys. 

In 2004 we started in the village of Poulades. The centre was founded by Judy Quinn, a women who moved from United Kingdom to retire.

The donkeys here are brought in by their owners or by donkey dealers, or found by people, who contact us to help out. The donkeys are old and often sick or injured; our aim is to: 

the old a safe and happy retirement; 
the sick a chance of cure; 
the injured the chance of recovery; 
the abused the chance of regaining trust and hope 
and the abandoned the feeling of security again. 

Daily husbandry duties include:
- food preparation (some donkeys have specific diets)
- providing fresh hay/bedding and water throughout the day
- general observation and daily grooming
- cleaning and feeding of the other animals (dogs, cats, ponies, chickens, turkey)
- cleaning stalls and pasture hygiene
- walking our dogs
- administering medications (in feed or topically).

Despite this being predominantly a husbandry focused placement there is ample opportunity each day to delve deeper into clinical aspects, when there is interest in this matter. 

Some of these activities include:
- cleaning, bandaging and monitoring improvement of donkeys with hoof injuries
- administering specialised medications (penicillin, eye ointment, etc.)
- flushing and cleaning an abscessed muzzle/wounds
- creating protective paddings for donkeys suffering injuries, e.g. blind donkeys who need head-padding as they walk into obstacles.

Áreas Temáticas incluem

  • Proteção aos animais


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    Doukádes, F None, Greece

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