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INTRODUTION-; The above mentioned Centre is a multi-denominational Christian and charitable community based organization which was founded in the year 1996 by a group of Christian missionary workers at the grass root level to assist and engaged in social, physical, spiritual, health, agriculture and environmental development issues. These was purposely formed to help our Sisters, Brothers, fathers and Mothers who are under depressed, unfortunate, neglected in under privileged communities to become self sufficient in health problems like prevention of eye diseases, Blindness and to restored eyesight for those who are sharouded in darkness because of eye diseases. The group can boast of staffs of multi disciplinary team . We are also interested in LEADERSHIP programmes which would enhance the eye nursing skill of our local missionaries at this computerize and Scientific stage of work.

AIMS Focusing on the subject HEALTH and HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, is a holistic concept a process that encompasses the entire spectrum of opportunities and capabilities of the people, for the people, and by the people to identify the leading causes of visual insult in children and the Aged. Also to treat eye diseases and provide Visual Audio’s to the rural folks and create awareness of the right of blind children and the Aged. Finally to mobilize the poorest of the poor the needy, Teenage mothers, and impaired people to gainful and sustainable employment.

OBJECTIVES-: Our objectives are essential component of HEALTH and HUMAN DEVELOPMENT which is personal Freedom, the ability of a person to determine and develop his or her own destiny by chosen his or own world through information, and education. (a) to be engaged in educational programmes (b) to establish CO-operative programmes. (c) To establish community eye clinics (d) To engaged in mobile Health Services. (e) To engaged in basic education, vocational Training and other Non-Formal education for blind and impaired people. (f) To involve expatriate Missionaries (both long and short terms) (g) To engaged in Sustainable Agricultural programmes. (h) To engaged in youth Ventures and women works.

OUR MISSION To create good moral behavior with opportunities for the development of potentials of young impaired people. Also to advocate for the equalization of eye related or impaired people’s right and opportunities with those of other citizens in Ghana. To try to improve their quality of life in the fields of health education, and socio-economic welfare and make sure that services developed are relevant to the needs of blind people. This would be achieved through creation of awareness, assessment of needs, confidence building, training, recognition, fund-raising and support to meet identified needs.

VOLUMNTERS OPPORTUNITIES-: Christian Optical Centre is a community based medical organisation. Recoiling from this academic strait-jacketing, our organization wish to collaborate itself with any international NGO’s. We welcome any volunteers from the world who are interested in our Christian humanitarian work as a missionary. Our eye care programme is open to all expects in the eye delivery, such as alphthalmologist, optometrist, opticians optical technicians and paramedical, also many who can give medical services to rural folks. Finally other voluntary organization that want to help through cash or in kind.

METHODOLOGY-: n We do community entering, by identifying some peculiar problems. n We organized community Forum, talks though (PLA) participation learning in Action. n Community eye impaired clubs are formed for community meetings. n House to House research and follow up programs. n To attend to the reading and sight problems of school going children in first and second cycle institution as well as in churches, Homes on mobile basis. n To give treatment and provide spectacles to eye deficient people at work places, homes and identified communities within the District/Region. n To establish a training and rehabilitation centre to give useful and income generating skill visually impaired people in the communities through well equipped trainees (TOT) programmes. n To organized outreach mobile clinic service to under privilege and rural poor visually impaired.



INTRODUTION-; The above mentioned Centre is a multi-denominational Christian and charitable community based organization which was founded in the year 1996 by a group of Christian…

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