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Eco Park Vrinda Bhumi

Baependi, Brasil | https://beacons.page/vrindabhumi
Faz parte desde março 2009

Sobre Nós

We are located in Minais Gerais, Brazil working enthusiastically in an exemplar eco community named Vrinda Bhumi. There is so much to do there in order for you to learn and help us to improve services to our local community.

The farm is 4 hours away from Sao Paulo, in a very beautiful ecological corridor, named "Water Circuit". There you will find two buildings already ready: one truly and one house. There are around 10 waterfalls in the area (with swimming facilities). The climate is very nice and it is possible to live in a tent. Vrinda Bhumi is a pioneer project of extraordinary beauty.

We welcome all vegetarians or those who like to experience a vegetarian lifestyle. In our eco-conscious community, you will learn about meditation, vegetarian cooking, organic agriculture, eco building and vedic philosophy and so, we welcome all those people who want to expand their awareness.

There in Vrinda Bhumi you will experience the pure adventure of living in a tent; there are no bathrooms and therefore you will bath under the beautiful waterfalls. Meanwhile our dry bathroon is under construction you can use the forest for your personal needs.

Vrinda Bhumi is an special Eco Farm and you should be prepared to live a very simple way of life. The practice of some austerities will help you to make part of this pionneer project once there is not any kind of luxury. And if you are interested in really amplifying a natural percepcion of life, similar successful projects can be visited in other countries of South America, such as Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

“Simple living, high thinking”: it was what Gandhi (Srila Prabhupada?) said. You will live with beatifull cabins, organic vegetarian meals, educative activities and a small donation is requested to cover hosting costs.

You are invited to share with us this experience that positively will influence the rest of your life.

Volunteer Program:

Activities: Hatha yoga: The practice of this healthy modality of yoga will give flexibility to your body and put your mind in a very relaxed modality, allowing you to experiment harmony through a mind and body transformation. The practice of Hatha Yoga is made in the fields what helps your body and soul to reach the proper connection with your inner voice.

Agriculture and vegetarian food: Agriculture is one of the most important activities in Vrinda Bhumi, so we are preparing the land to offer us the perfect food. Organic vegetables are part of a good nutrition and in order for us to get them you will learn about natural plantation what will allow you to evolve others in this magnific process which includes, through knowledge and practice, to protect and respect the environment. The violence-free diet allows you to develop a greater compassion for all living entities.

Life Philosophy: Vedic philosophy classes are offered on daily basis. The main purpose of these classes is to show that it is possible to perform a really great service to humanity.

Important points to be considered:

The food is lacto-vegetarian and it consists of three meals per day, based on healthy lacto-vegetarian natural products.

Please note that we request our visitors and volunteers to abstain from intoxicants and extramarital relationships to preserve the sanctity of the project.

The community does not have electricity nor internet.

What you need to bring:

A tent, a sleeping bag, blankets, a lantern, a camping math (if possible), hat, mosquitos repellent, sun block.

Comfortable clothes and also warm clothes in order to keep you well sheltered up to the night.

Personal hygienic articles (preferably organic ones) to wash yourself and toilet paper too.

What you cannot bring:

Any kind of drugs or hallucinogens, cigars, alcohol etc.

Any kind of food that contains any kind of meat (including fish) or eggs.

Includes: Hatha yoga and other classes, Meditation, Vedic philosophy study programmes, ecological paddles, accommodation and full vegetarian meals.

Volunteer Work: 6 US daily or 180 US per month corresponding to three meals per day. This is also equivalent to 4 or 5 hours of daily work in any of ours areas.

We are located in Minais Gerais, Brazil working enthusiastically in an exemplar eco community named Vrinda Bhumi. There is so much to do there in order for you to learn and help us to improve services to our local community.

The farm is 4 hours…


  • Vrindabhumi, Baependi, None 37443-000, Brasil

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