Mental Health Fun Fest - Volunteer Leadership Board

O voluntário precisa estar em ou próximo de Chattanooga, TN
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21 de junho de 2024
11:00 GMT-4
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30 de novembro de 2024
23:59 GMT-5
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Mental Health Fun Fest - Volunteer Leadership Board

Great news: The 6TH Annual Mental Health Fun Fest is going live!  Applications open until June 20th.

In a modern and OUTSIDE world, now more than ever, mental health conversation is very important. This year our dynamic annual event will be held in person (Chattanooga, TN;  Atlanta, GA;  and West Palm Beach, FL!) and online with amazing  musical artists, mental health resources, art, healers, and other amazing talent! We are excited to present what we think is the "dopest" way to cope and share mental health in 2024. (Catch last year's: mentalhealthfunfair.org & @mentalhealthfunfair IG )

The 2024 Mental Health Fun Fest is looking for a volunteer board and leadership team. This board will be the cast and crew behind the scenes making the MHFF 2024 come alive!

Each position is held only for the 2024 MHFF season.

 Please read over the positions below and indicate what department/position you are interested in applying for. Each position/team has a suggestion of what type of background would be ideal. We welcome all people with passion whether you consider yourself new in your field, just curious, or an expert. There is plenty of room to grow and learn new ways to develop and use your skills! All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

All members of the board will have the benefit of being treated as top level sponsors and will be featured in all marketing materials. The broadcasted event is national.

Things are moving quickly, and we are excited to open up applications for the following positions:

Assistant Mental Health Fun Fair Director

(Community organizing, project management)

- Works with the MHFF director.

-Overseeing full event   

- Plans scheduling, supports fundraising, organizes team, communicates and participates in preparing, leading and updating in MHFF leadership team meetings.

Talent and Community Connections Coordinator (1)


Assistant Coordinator (one per location): ATL/STL/WPB

(Networking/ Public Relations, Social Services, communications, management, marketing)

- Oversee and direct networking and talent acquisition/musicians, healers, artists

- Facilitate strategic relationships within the community to enhance visibility, quality, connection, and opportunity

- Find and recruit quality talent and community partners to showcase in the event from all genres and resources.

- Support fundraising plan

Mental Health Strategy Advocate (2)

(Mental Health, Consulting  *must be practicing in the field of MH)

- Promote the intersectionality of mental health within specific populations within the community.

- Collaborate with leadership, artists and talent to create a safe-space and atmosphere of cultural, social, emotional, and inter sectional diversity.

- Troubleshoot opportunities for message equity and inclusion.

- Connect and network with both for profit and non-profit healing partners .

- advise on best approach for mental health conversations

- Support content on social and media platforms

Energy Development Manager (1)


Assistant Development Manager:  ATL/STL/WPB

(Clerical, Management, organizational skill, communications, marketing)

- Communicate between staff and talent. Maintain records and communication, update online workspace and document sharing. Facilitate team rapport, communicate deadlines, follow up with appointments and scheduling.

- Gather and report all data post event  

Community Engagement Coordinator (1)


Assistant Engagement Coordinator:  ATL/STL/WPB

(Communications, PR, Marketing, Social)

- Build Hype for the event

- Create opportunities to be a part of and watch the MHFF - planning watch parties, supporting community MHFF campaigns. Tailoring approach to each community.

- Check-in with community members through and after event.

Vibe Management Specialist(1)


Director of Design:  ATL/STL/WPB

(Creative Fields, Photography, Design, physical aesthetic)

- Work with production team and leadership to creatively strategize the layout, set design, and optics within the event. Support in all elements of design planning and implementation.

- Provide consultation and support in on - camera presentation with staff and talent. Provide support for aesthetics items such as like personal design and textile/costuming consulting,  personal visual aesthetic, culturally appropriate coloring and image design in filming preparation. Both for event and social media.

Production and Synergy Director (1)


Production and Synergy Assistant Director (ATL/STL/WPB)


Production Specialist (ATL/STL/WPB): 

(Film, editing, directing, production, content creation, web-based content, live streaming)

- Work with  Director to manage, staff, troubleshoot, create, and and otherwise direct the production elements. This includes filming, editing, and releasing the recorded content via platforms.

- Ensure that all editing, sound,  and launching elements are aligned.

- Troubleshoot technical difficulties and support through process.

- Ensure any and all live content has support.

Marketing and Image Director (1)


Assistant Image Director ruined (1)


Branding and Design Specialist  (ATL/STL/WPB)

(graphic design, creative fields, marketing, communications, web, Pr)

- Collaborate with leadership and production team to create, design, and curate content digitally and in print. Mobilize support systems to share and advertise. Work with team  and partners to develop copy, press releases, and other verbal content and other public relations messaging.

- Create social media content

- Manage social media campaigns and content

- Design and distribute post-event reports and information

- manage website and web-based marketing

Fundraising Director (1)


Development Strategist ATL/STL/WPB

(Finance, managerial, accounting, communications, fundraising, logistics, marketing)

- Engage with funding partners to develop sponsorship, donations, funding, and other streams of income/revenue

- Manage fundraising

- Plan and implement Fundraising campaigns (along with other team members)


- Reliable internet, phone, computer

- necessary equipment and software and knowledge base for completing specific/designated tasks as applied for

- experience with desired role

Some of the software/skills may include but is not limited to: email, gsuite (Google docs, forms, sheets...), microsoft office, adobe suite, Slack, instragram, twitter, facebook, tiktok, youtube, text messaging ability, phone calling, photography, graphic design, editing, filming, traveling (based on role)...etc

All positions report to the MHFF Director or designee.


30m -1 hour Team Meeting Calls (notices on Slack) tri-weekly. Weekly Slack notifications.

At least 2 hours a week towards role.

Ability to communicate with team members about deadlines and projects.

Self-directed scheduling and timing based on roles and projects. Up-to 4hours a week closer to event.

Critical thinking, and innovative reasoning

A fun and flexible team spirit!!

The MHFF is an all inclusive, diverse and inclusive intentional event. We make our best efforts to provide equitable opportunities for all to participate no matter the socio-economic status, religion, sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability, age, or station in life. We uphold the values of the MHFF and invite any and all aligned with this purpose to support the simple message that: mental health matters.

*The Mental Health Fun Fair is an annual community mental health event hosted through the entity MySuspire, Inc,  and managed/organized by Suspire, LLC.

Great news: The 6TH Annual Mental Health Fun Fest is going live!  Applications open until June 20th.

In a modern and OUTSIDE world, now more than ever, mental health conversation is very important. This year our dynamic annual event will be held in…


O voluntário precisa estar em ou próximo de Chattanooga, TN

Hybrid online and in person (some travel may be required) Locations: Chattanooga, TN, West Palm Beach, Fl; Atlanta, GA

Chattanooga, TN, USA

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