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Smile Community Centre

Kayole, 110, Quênia | http://www.smilecommunitycentre.org
Faz parte desde maio 2016

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Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa,With such high promise in Kenya, Poverty in cities still astounds most, given the fast growth of our economy. There is still the part of society that lies forgotten and desolate. In any neighborhood in Kenya you will find a divide between the elite and the poverty stricken estates.Smile Community Centre was Founded to fill one of the opportunity niches provided by this situation.
The organization was started as a self help group by Margret Nekesa Khaemba, a mother of three who saw the need in the society for a safe haven where women and children in informal settlements could gain support, training and counseling to help them make a better life for themselves. 
As time went on, we realized that formalizing the group to a community based organization will allow us to broaden programs and increase the reach of our support; hence we registered as a Community Based Organization (CBO) , with the ministry of labour , social security and services of the republic of Kenya.
Our Goal is to promote self-reliance, education and well being of marginalized children,women and youth in the informal settlements.

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Áreas Temáticas incluem

  • Criança & Adolescente
  • Educação
  • Moradia & Moradores de Rua
  • Voluntariado
  • Mulheres


  • Saba saba,Kayole spine road,Eastlands
    Kayole, 110 196-00518

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