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Ramsey Crisis Nursery

Saint Paul, MN | https://ramseycrisisnursery.org/
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In early 2020, the founders of Ramsey Crisis Nursery (RCN) set  into action their vision of providing temporary shelter for young children as well as a family resource center for the community of Ramsey County residents. In early 2021, RCN will begin its initial phase of community services. With the support of caring individuals and corporations, RCN will become reality. Inspired by the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child”, our goal is to become a trusted neighbor, confidant, and friend to help families build their support system.

Currently, there are no emergency overnight care services for children and families in Saint Paul, or the larger Ramsey County area. Our discussions with community members, Child Protective Services, and other nonprofit organizations in the area have confirmed that there is an exceptional need for this model here, where rates of homelessness, poverty, food insecurity, mental illness, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect are disproportionately high. RCN is a point of diversion, working to reduce the likelihood of involuntary interventions such as Child Protective Services, and preventing children from entering the foster care system. In addition, we plan to expand to other sites once we are established and will look to create an easily transferable model that can be used to start nurseries like ours all over the country. 


RCN recognizes the stigma that is often attached to being “in crisis” and works to break down this stigma through compassion, community, and conversation. While “crisis” can look different for each family, our goal is to offer tools and be a support system to fulfill the diverse needs of each family. We are currently recruiting additional board members who have additional firsthand knowledge of the current needs of the community, and accurately reflect the community. We hope this will help us increase inclusivity and remove barriers to seeking support. 

As a nonprofit corporation, Ramsey Crisis Nursery  will offer free, safe, holistic, and trauma-informed care to children in an overnight care facility. Parents/guardians will become a part of our support network, and be encouraged to care for themselves and/or receive services to overcome barriers or life stressors they may be facing such as housing instability, financial instability, inadequate childcare, domestic violence, etc. We will partner with other community services to make available the resources, care, and support that the family desires. We will create a safe home away from home for children in early childhood.

At RCN, we place a high priority on the overall welfare of families in our community. We also value the welfare of our staff and volunteers, whom we consider to be an integral part of making the community a better place. Through our open collaboration and insistence on integrity, we will work together to assure staff, community members, families, children and volunteers that RCN honors each others’ well-being. We will invest in our staff and volunteers through training, resources, and support that will nurture our mission and vision each day. 

Joblessness, homelessness, mental health needs, medical issues, domestic violence, and the simple need for a break and some rest are all factors that can create overwhelming stress for families and impact their lives. When these crises arise, many parents reach out to family, friends, or other reliable individuals who can help. However, there are families that do not have a trusted friend or family member to look after their children. This is where RCN can step in as a trusted ally to offer free, safe, overnight care for children and supportive services for caregivers.  RCN Family Advocates will be available to inform parents about additional resources and de-escalation tools to benefit the overall health and well-being of the family.

Seeking out RCN during difficult times shows a caregiver’s commitment to their family’s well-being. It is a show of faith and trust in RCN’s abilities, and we will be honored to receive these people with open arms and without judgment.

In early 2020, the founders of Ramsey Crisis Nursery (RCN) set  into action their vision of providing temporary shelter for young children as well as a family resource center for the community of Ramsey County residents. In early 2021, RCN will…

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