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iLab is a social enterprise based in Mexico focused on developing entrepreneurial talent at the bottom of the pyramid and connecting that talent with top of the pyramid resources and opportunities. iLab does this through an intensive 4-month bootcamp on business and technology.

We create innovative solutions to global problems

Entrepreneurs come to us with the aim of becoming Future Thinkers. At iLab, they acquire the necessary tools to rethink innovation, to later transform their thoughts into action through sustainable business models and functional technology-based prototypes. iLab is 100% a social enterprise that seeks to support the economic development of the country through technological innovation that detonates social mobility. Our model allows anyone to have the opportunity of creating innovative products.

We identify and enroll young and talented graduates from a variety of disciplines and, with the aim of our methodology and programs we support and train them to unlock and to release their talent, to generate innovative ideas, to develop high impact projects, to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our goal is to facilitate resources, tools and capacities than can allow young talents to develop solutions that solve global challenges and present both high social and economic value. iLab's main program detonates entrepreneurial capacities where teams of rookies generate a hardware-based business idea, develop it, prototype a minimum viable product, and do its market validation. To date, we have formed more than 500 entrepreneurs and over 100 companies, of which 11 have been privately funded and 22 are in the process of registering patents.

Moreover, we are changing the face of entrepreneurship. We invest more than 10 millions of Mexican pesos annually to make sure we get the right talent, no matter where it comes from. 8 out of every 10 iLabbers are the first ones in their family to conclude high school.

We created iLab, to accelerate economic and social development, to improve and acceso opportunities and to activate social mobility.