Planeta Rural

  • Bogota


Dg 45D # 20-62


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Empoderamos a los jovenes rurales para la construccion de un campo prospero y sostenible capaz de garantizar la seguridad alimentaria para todas las personas en el mundo y el buen vivir de las familias campesinas.


We empower rural youth to build prosperous and sustainable fields capable of guaranteeing food security for all the people in the world and the well-being of the peasant families. Although we are located in Bogota, Colombia. The vision of our organization is to create prosperous fields not only in Colombia but around the world. According to FAO and the United Nations Development Fund, most of the world's poor population lives in rural areas. Bringing people out of poverty is not just a humanitarian mission; it is also a priority for the United Nations to ensure global food sustainability. That is why the business model and sustainability that we apply in our foundation is not exclusive only to Colombia; it is a global model for world food security and an efficient tool against poverty.

We are present in areas affected by the armed conflict, and we seek to reach the young