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International Visit Coordinator

El trabajo se debe realizar en o cerca de Kecamatan Jekan Raya, Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia
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24 de mayo de 2024
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About Yayasan Borneo Nature Indonesia:

Yayasan Borneo Nature Indonesia (BNF Indonesia) is a science-based conservation organisation that works to protects tropical rainforests, biodiversity, and indigenous culture in Borneo.

We have been implementing rainforest conservation in Borneo for over 20 years. We partner with local stakeholders to implement landscape-level conservation strategies based on rigorous scientific studies, and support communities to develop sustainable livelihoods that complement environmental protection, and creating a generation that values and cares for the environment.

Position Description:

An exciting opportunity has come up to join Yayasan Borneo Nature Indonesia (BNF Indonesia) as our International Visit Coordinator. Under the supervision of the Head of Research and Partnerships, you will be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of international visits in the field, from supporting international research students and volunteers to facilitating the delivery of field courses, educational trips and donor visits.

You will work closely with BNF Indonesia’s sister organisation Borneo Nature Foundation International, based in Europe, who will centralise visits requests. These will be taken forward by the international visits working group, of which you will be a member, and whose aim is to ensure effective visit planning and good communication with teams in the field.

Pre visitor arrival, your role will be to liaise with local partners (e.g., National Park, Universities, etc.) and BNF programmes to ensure the right permissions are

obtained, logistics are sorted (e.g., local transport and accommodation) and teams in the field are ready to host. Post arrival, you will act as the main contact for all queries from international visitors, looking after their wellbeing and ensuring they have a positive, high-quality experience with us. 

Key Tasks and Responsibilities:

Tasks will include, but will not be restricted to:

1.    Coordinating all arrivals from international visitors to BNF Indonesia (including donors, schools, universities, volunteers, students and other visitors). Including:

a.   Joining the international visits working group and working closely with the BNF International team to organise each international visit.

b.   Writing and submitting visit permission requests and proposals to relevant local partners (e.g. CIMTROP, National Park) and site managers.

c.   Assisting with the preparation of the budget for each visit and submitting it to the finance team; preparing projections and shopping lists for each visit.

d.   Ensuring that on-arrival / on-site / departure logistics, including travel, all necessary equipment, supplies, transport, meals, hotel accommodation, camp accommodation and other logistics are organized and paid for.

e.   Ensuring that all the relevant permits for visitors are in place, coordinating with immigration and other government departments as necessary.

f.    Ensuring field sites are prepared and in good standards (clean, tidy and safe) to receive visitors, and if not coordinate with relevant people to make the necessary repairs and changes.

g.    Ensuring that all emergency protocols are in place and people are trained regularly to make sure all staff and teams are aware of medical and emergency evacuation procedures.

h.   Ensuring visitors’ health & safety, making sure visitors receive the necessary information and briefings, and complete relevant liability forms, insurance details, etc.

i.    Communicating with relevant Managers and other relevant BNF team members to make sure everybody is aware of the visit and the role they fulfil during the visit.

j.      Welcoming the visitors, hosting them during their time with BNF and leading trip activities or ensuring a successful handover to the person/s responsible for the trip

activities; being the main point of contact for any visitors at any time during their time with BNF.

k.      Ensuring the visitors’ wellbeing, health and safety and general welfare are looked after and they have an enjoyable experience with BNF, as well as making sure to gently remind them safety procedures if needed.

l.    Keeping regular communication with international visits working  group and relevant program staff to ensure smooth coordination for international visitors.

2.    Providing information, stories, photographs, video, and regular short articles for the BNF Communications Team.   

3.    Providing reports of the visits to the relevant counterparts, partners or site managers and monthly reports to BNF.

4.    Working with international visits working group to create and organise new opportunities for international visits to join BNF.

5.    Supporting other international visits tasks when there are no visits scheduled (help with advertising the opportunities, updating documents, etc.


1.    Indonesian nationality

2.    Good spoken English and Indonesian languages

3.  University degree in a relevant subject (including but not limited to tourism, education, scientific dissemination would be beneficial).

4.    Minimum  1 year field experience in the forest or similar environments

5.    Minimum 1 year experience in a similar position, working in an international setting

6.    Experience in leading groups

7.    Excellent interpersonal skills to communicate, connect and empathize with visitors

8.    Excellent organisational skills

9.    Excellent analytical and time management skills as well as problem-solving ability

10. Excellent communication skills to be able to coordinate with the different teams.

11. Ability to be highly flexible regarding the schedule and the tasks.

About Yayasan Borneo Nature Indonesia:

Yayasan Borneo Nature Indonesia (BNF Indonesia) is a science-based conservation organisation that works to protects tropical rainforests, biodiversity, and indigenous culture in Borneo.

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Good spoken English and Indonesian languages

Good spoken English and Indonesian languages


Jl. Bukit Raya No.17, Palangka, Kec. Jekan Raya, Kota Palangka Raya, Kalimantan Tengah 74874, Indonesia
Bukit Raya

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