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Organización Sin Fin de Lucro

Organization Life and Hope for Haiti

Les Cayes, SD, Haití | http://ovesha.blogspot.com

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OVESHA (Organization Live and Hope for Haiti) is a nonprofit or community organization working to the pursuit of a vision consisting to produce through the children  another Haitian for  another Haiti with God and education. 
For that, our mission consists to eradicate the extreme poverty in  Haiti by: the mental transformation of all the children,the education of the quality for all, and the social,professional,and economic assistance to the orphaned and vulnerable Children either by any direct actions or by means of their family.

This mission comes from our conviction that the problem of the poverty in Haiti is before all a spiritual or mental problem. The latter can understand by the fact that the near totality of the Haitians has a mentality of the hatred of the other and of all principles. It has also for cause a social problem characterized by the no access of all to an education of quality or quite simply social exclusion, who is one of consequences of his first cause.

Consequently, the eradication of the poverty in Haiti needs not only an another type human Haitian being, done of a new mentality producing him likely of love of fellow man, good, and  respect any principles, but also a equality of access to the contemporary way of production of wealth and of consumer goods, a quality education. These are only possible through the children with Jesus-Christ's gospel : Gospel of love of God and fellow man, education, and social, economic assistance to the Marginalized children.

Thus,to carry out this mission, OVESHA is given like objectives:

1- To evangelize the children for giving them a new spiritual human being so that they become any Haitian citizens who love God and their fellow man in other to have any social, moral,politic, and economic behaviors more human.
2- To promote the rights of the children disadvantaged at any end of:
To make a ware of national, international public opinion on the situation any marginalized children and on the consequence of this exclusion on:
a-their life and their future;
b-the society;
c-the development of Haiti.
To exert pressure on the local,national authorities in the other to bring them to take measures being able to collateralize the equality any chances of use of the rights between all the Haitian children for a society of peace, of equality, and of justice in Haiti.
To establish a chain of compassion destiny to support the realization of the mission of the organization toward of these children.
3-To help the orphans, and vulnerable children to have access to: the education, care of health, food,clothes and shoes, games and distractions, love and respects, decent accommodations, a family and profession By:
a- the construction of the orphanages for the orphans and the children of the streets;
b- any supports to the orphanages and schools of community;
c- of the spiritual, social, and economic assistance to the families living in the furthest poverty.
4- To accompany the religious leaders,the local elected representative,and the leaders of the local organizations in the conception, working out,and realization any projects of development of community to aiming at  guaranteeing the respect of the rights of the children in the domain of:
a- reinforcement of the capacities;
b- education;
c- health;
d- forming;
e- water;
f -human, and child rights;
g- democracy,and good governance.  

OVESHA (Organization Live and Hope for Haiti) is a nonprofit or community organization working to the pursuit of a vision consisting to produce through the children  another Haitian for  another Haiti with God and education. 
For that, our…

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    Fonfrede, les Cayes, South of Haiti, Les Cayes, SD 8110, Haiti

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