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Constituency for Relief and Development Association Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Etiopía
Se unió en julio 2006

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DESCRIPTION: Mission statement/Objective: Overview

Constituency of Relief and Development Association ( CRDAE) is an indigenous Ethiopia relief and development association nationally registered by the Ministry of justice is the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian with the philosophy of non-profit, non-political, non?religious dedicated to help alleviate human suffering through sustainable development projects and emergency relief assistance program that foster self reliance and human dignity. With 90% of founds collected going directly to CRDAE relief program, Development programs and Development projects CRDAE ?stands firm in it?s resolve to extent a helping hand to all those who are in dire need of communities is the country to the best of it?s capacity and resources! At the same time what we will do absolutely what is expected of us to ensure that our services and resources are utilized for the benefit of humanity.


- Through generous donations and legacy contributions CRDAE is helping save and improve the lives of people in the country.

By responding rapidly emergencies CRDAE aid provides relief of victims of natural disasters famine and through long term development programmers such provision of clean water, shelter, Education, health Care, CRDAE aid is taking the root causes of poverty.

- Having gained a wealthy of experience in the field of local Relief and development work we focus an working in partnership with local communities.

This approach has proven to be most cost effective in poverty relief and eradication and also instrumental in building the capacity of local people to help them selves re-gain dignity and become empowered. Vision

As we look towards the future we are faced with the reality that very large sections of the worlds community in dire poverty. For many of these people, the only hope for improving their situation is provided by relief and development. There for we are seeking to assist communities not just to prepare for disaster but also to build their capacity to help them selves out of the poverty cycle in order to achieve this shift CRDAE aid has realized that not just more but also better development work needs to be done .There for by the helping hand of international philanthropist, place strong emphasis on short and specially long term development projects and programmes through.

Strategic approach which tackles the loot causes of problems and should be aiming to facilitate sustainable development, true to the sprit of humanity. Active involvement of the local communities in development projects advice and general support in order to strengthen cooperation, and capacity building. Impartiality regardless of race, gender, religion or political opinion in order to provide humanitarian aid and development to the most needy communities in Ethiopia

Organisation type: NGO Focus areas: Agriculture, Development Assistance, Education, Environment, Health, Poverty, Rural Development, Social Development, Sustainable Development, Food Security, Aid Effectiveness Working in: Africa (Regional) Latest projects: Our programs

Emergency Relief Assistance Emergency food distribution Medical aid package Financial assistance for needy Shelters Health Rural health post clinic, construction and equipping with medical devices. Pre-existing rural clinic renovation Essential drugs (Medicine) distribution. Health and sanitation awareness raising HIV/AIDS Prevention and control program

Other: Education

Constructions of rural primary school Maintaining the pre- existing schools Renovation of the pre-existing schools Donation of educational materials such as books, pens, computers desk ?. Etc Water

Construction of water reservoir - Spring development

- Hand dug well

- Pond construction

- Water rationing


Selected seed distribution Agricultural tools distribution for rural farmers. Vocational training for farmers Small scale irrigation development Veterinary service Gender

- Women capacity building

- Income generation

- Gender related violence and abuse protection


- Environment protection awareness

- Reforestation

- Conservation development and distribution

To provide communities relief and development under conditions of deprivations with humanitarian relief and development all volunteers are well?come from abroad and participate in our programs. Contact

constituencyrelief@yahoo.com Tele-0911 63 44 88

251 -011 6 62 87 38

Name Zegeye Asefa

Country Ethiopia

Email Constituency for Relief and Development Association Ethiopia: - is a non profit charity based organization, dedicated to providing a wide range of aid and development assistance to the people of rural Ethiopia. Then we are looking for a key sponsors to enable the charity to help even more people, if you are in a position to directly improve the lives of needy communities of Ethiopians and want to be involved with CRDAE then we would like to hear from you

DESCRIPTION: Mission statement/Objective: Overview

Constituency of Relief and Development Association ( CRDAE) is an indigenous Ethiopia relief and development association nationally registered by the Ministry of justice is the…


    Addis Ababa

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