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Friends of Mpigi Forests Conservation and Development Organization (FOMAF)

Kampala, Uganda |

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Conserving forests and wetlands in Mpigi, Uganda by improving livelihoods and welfare of communities around them.

Assisting people living aroung the forests and wetlands gain economically so as to stop overdependence on the natural products.


Improve the livelihood and welfare of people living around and depending on the Mpigi group of forests and wetlands and increase benefits from sustainable utilization through sound management and conservation practices.


To promote alternative income generation activities in the villages surrounding Mpigi group of forests.

To sensitize the community in the said area on the values of and importance of forests.

To open up tree planting campaigns in the areas surrounding Mpigi group of forests.

Encourage and promote Ecotourism in some of the forest blocks with the capacity to handle visitors.

Sensitize communities on agro forestry.

To establish community energy saving programmes.

To support and encourage afforestation and reforestation in private and public land.

To conduct environmental education in schools and the community.

To monitor the status of the Mpigi group of forests and make strategic response to crises as they arise.

To initiate and support health and development oriented initiatives as a way of reducing community dependence on the forest.

To promote networking with other CBO’s, NGO’s and government organizations involved in integrated resource conservation and management programmes.

To identify and solicit fund for the organization in order to strengthen the organization management capacity and that of its members in natural resource management, provision of service an poverty alleviation.

TO establish programmes that are to assist local people develop economically.

To empower the woman and the girl child.


Environment and Natural Resource Conservation Programme.

Environmental Education Project.

Wildlife Research and Conservation Projects.

Forestry and Agro Forestry Projects.

Management and Capacity Building Programme.

Income Generation Activities Programme.

Sustainable Beekeeping Project.

Sustainable Crafts Project.

Ecotourism Project.

Agricultural Development Project.

Health and Population Programme.

HIV-AIDS Education Project.

Pupulation Project.



Started in November 2001 and will continue to November 2005. Schools facilitated to have environment study in forests around them, specifically Mpanga Forest. Over 15 schools have been reached so far. About 1500 students educated. Project sponsored by the Forest Department and Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO) Other partners are Mpigi District Council and Ministry of Education and Sports.


Started in 2001 and continue to 2004. Seedlings of tree species in demand by farmers and drum makers reared and distributed to farmers free. These include Policias fulva and Euclayptus spp. Recently Moringa spp has been introduced due to beekeepers demand. Project funded by FD and in partnership with Poverty Africa, an International NGO.

Sustainable Beekeeping Project. Starting in July 2002 in partnership with the Mpigi District Council and Poverty Africa. Farmers are trained and facilitated to produce honey, and FOMAf markets the honey for them. Beekeepers will also be required to plant more Moringa spp due to their flowering potential hence more bees. This is in a way assisting in reforestation. 200 individuals are to participate in the project.


Initiated in conjuction with women groups who are trained to make crafts from wetland materials ; but sustainably. Project trains and markets the crafts for the women. Over 300 members reaced and trained.


Conservation of Primates in two Mpigi Forests.

Commercial cultivation of Vanilla and Ocimum kilimandscharicum for manufacture of commercial aroma-therapeutic products.


Project employs the support of local people and supported by other organizations. The projects will somehow benefit financially through the marketting plan of Honey, crafts and consultancy by staff to be undertaken to other NGO’s and the government.

Conserving forests and wetlands in Mpigi, Uganda by improving livelihoods and welfare of communities around them.

Assisting people living aroung the forests and wetlands gain economically so as to stop overdependence on the natural…

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  • C/o VSO Uganda, Kampala, None 256, Uganda
    PO Box 2831

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