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Mukhtar Memorial Society NGO

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Preface The society is created by a group of individuals committed to the cause of sustainable development. The aim is to foster continuous, value-based, all-round education with active participation of the community, not only in monetary form, but also in form of sharing knowledge, ideas and talent. The society shall endeavor to establish educational institutions where quality education shall be provided at low costs.

Vision and Goals The broad vision of the society is to develop rich culture, aesthetic and social balance which will uplift the community. It aims at bridging the gap between the challenges and resources, to raise the level of literacy through formal and non –formal strategies, to provide recreational home for aged and elderly, so that people shall become self-reliant.

A. Senior Citizen Club

1. The society shall establish a Senior Citizen Club for elderly retired government officials so that their post-service life is made meaningful and tension free. The Club would be established preferably in Srinagar, where discussions and lectures shall be held regularly.

2. The club shall be equipped with books, journals and internet facility.

3. The society shall provide complete health care facilities to its members, and regular live entertainment.

4. All indoor and outdoor games and sports activities shall be provided in shape of walks, adventure sports, in-house games, billiards, table tennis,badminton, chess etc.

5. Society shall make all out efforts in organizing Conferences and Workshops in collaboration with national and international agencies.

B. Education

1. Pre-Primary and Primary Education. The society shall make intensive efforts to strengthen and upgrade Pre-Nursery and Primary School education, through motivational, awareness and school enrolment programmes.

2. Establishing Teachers Training Institutions leading to B.Ed and M.Ed.

3. Establishing Institutions of higher learning to develop managerial skills, create managerial human resources for industry and commerce, leading to BBA and MBA.

4. As a part of the knowledge in information technology institutions for journalism, Mass Media and Information Technology shall be established The Computer literacy/knowledge shall be made popular, through establishing Computer Centers offering courses

C. Community Development Programmes

The society shall make intensive efforts for sustainable development through community participation.

1. All efforts shall be made for improvement of health and hygiene, gender health, Pre-natal and Post-natal childcare, Aids awareness programmes, health check-up camps, immunization programmes etc.

2. Society shall make efforts in Agricultural and Horticultural sector of the state of Jammu and Kashmir

3. Awareness programs for farmers, fruit growers shall be undertaken in for marketing , grading , advertising ,etc.

D. Social Upliftment Programmes

Society shall make all out efforts for social awareness, particularly for poor and disadvantageous groups, women and girls and Banghi Basti in and around Srinagar city. This can be achieved through collaboration with national and international agencies.

E. Objectives

1) To introduce quality conscious system in the community, so that human resources of social and functional relevance, high quality and capability is created.

2) To work and improve the quality of family life and create awareness among women for better health, hygiene, childcare, aids awareness programs etc.

3) To establish educational institutions at pre-primary, primary, tertiary and higher professional level for bringing continuous change, progress and development.

4) To work directly for the upliftment of under-privileged groups, including small and marginal farmers, women, children.

5) To work with various N.G.O’s at national and international level, to give the best in capacity building and carry out grass root educational,social and development activities.

6) To organize periodic conferences, workshops, meetings, lectures, and health awareness camps.

7) To Publish daily and weekly news paper, journals, reports, newsletters and other literature, and develop a network of information and knowledge relating to research and other development work.

8) To focus on education, capacity up gradation and community development , to bring holistic human resource development of the community.

9) To organize learning activities at primary , higher and professional level, through formal and non formal education strategies.

10)To achieve sustainable development through continuous ,value based and all-round education with community participation. F. Funding/Resources Society shall be a private non-profitable organization and shall depend on contribution from individuals, foundations, corporate sectio and yearly memberships.

Preface The society is created by a group of individuals committed to the cause of sustainable development. The aim is to foster continuous, value-based, all-round education with active participation of the community, not only in monetary…

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  • Salud & Medicina


  • Central Market Abi Guzer Srinagar, Srinagar, JK 190001, India

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