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US Quidditch is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that governs the sport of quidditch in the United States and inspires young people to lead physically active and socially engaged lives. Founded in 2010, we serve over 4,000 athletes on almost 200 teams nationwide and provide a range of services, from hosting nine major tournaments and supervising regular season competition, to training and certifying referees, snitches, and tournament directors, offering grants, running the bi-annual QuidCon leadership conference, and working to expand the sport into younger age groups through outreach programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.


We establish the foundation for long-term sustainability through innovation, regulations, and expansion.

We provide competitive opportunities for every level of athlete.

We build a safe, inclusive, and respectful community.

We strive to be a leader in gender inclusivity for all age groups.

We create meaningful community partnerships.

We develop and empower future leaders.


USQ fulfills our mission through a holistic policy called "the Three C's." These represent the three pillars of USQ's work: competition, community, and creativity.

USQ facilitates competition through tournaments; comprehensive referee and snitch training programs; and maintaining leaguewide rankings.

USQ ensures that quidditch has an inclusive and welcoming community through policies like the two-minimum gender rule; teaching quidditch to children; community service events and partnerships; QuidCon, the only quidditch convention; and the mentor and penpal programs.

Although it sounds somewhat abstract compared to competition and community, creativity is an important force in our organization. Starting and maintaining a quidditch team requires a lot of creativity, entrepreneurship, and dedication, and USQ aims to always have a culture that fosters creativity.