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SAPP is born as an organization which main identity lies on communities empowerment. We promote international volunteering programs as well as internship programs in Africa; and besides, we deal with project identification and planning so that we may access financial chanels to proceed with all our development cooperation programs.

The principles leading our organization are as followed:


Human being whatever his nationality, race, sex, religión, opinion or other condition, or personal-social circumstances, is the reference what our philosophy expands from. We defend firmly and steadily the dignity of human being as a person who bears his own liberty and autonomy. Every human being must be respected, and is beyond this respect where the virtue and own dignity finds assertion.


Towards the vulnerable people and the disadvantaged to alleviate suffering and social unfair enviroments.


To targeted communities. Throughtout our activities we compromise to improve life conditions of the disadvantaged.


SAPP bears conscience on the importance of sustainability; everything would remain with no sense if our projects aimed to short term; from our point of view, the long term must engage all projects we deal with.


We are in need of cooperation; if people would not rely on us we could not develop our programs. This is the reason transparency turns into a main principle for our organization. Due to non-profit business, all incomes will reach our projects except a small remaining part which will be used to cover all expenses the organization incurs in. Anyone interested in getting access to our accounts is invited to do so.

We aim at being an organization to be able to organize, design and carry out projects in an efficient way to obtain:

  • Increasement of educational levels in targeted communities, mainly for children in primary schools, day care centers, junior secondary scholls and vocational schools.
  • Implementation in the communities of preventive measures regarding HIV/Sida and besides helping patients in treatment.
    • Access to health to the desadvanteged.
    • Promotion on preventive sanitary measures and policies.
  • Empowerment of coexistence and respect among people throughtout international volunteering programs and internship pograms.
    • Prevention of abuse with special focus on childs and women.
    • Environmental conscience in the communities that lack enviroment policies.
  • Encouragement of exchange information to improve local business by proposals, teaching business skilss, fundraising programs and many more.

To achieve all these goals we develop cooperation projects carried out in African countries, like construction of orphanages, schools, water supply, teaching, sanitation, environment, youth, gender, human rights, micro credits, allowances.

We believe that everyone should be given the chance to volunteer abroad, whatever their background and financial means. SAPP aim it to promote exposure, aid and travelling in African countries through the life-changing experience of volunteering. The difference with other charities is that we believe that volunteering should above all be a fun, memorable and affordable experience.

All these challenges would not be affordable if we had not the steady support from our counterparts in Africa. Due to these close cooperations, SAAP is able to know what neccesities the local communities bear and therefore, the actions to be taken into practice.

This website is also intended to become an open space to permit all participants express themself in regards with humanity and solidarity. Therefore, you will be able to post any suggestion or enquire any consultation.

Come and help us build a bridge of Hope and Solidarity. We are a hundred percent sure you will not regret.