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Blessed Heart of Love in the Name of the Mighty One Emperor Haile Selassie I God and King. InI are the Tafari Groundational Outernational NGO and we would humbly like to talk about our works and project. Our NGO was born in 2007, officially registered as NGO in 2009 and is based in Tema, Ghana. Our Motto is, as Jah say : Hungry be fed, naked be clothed, sick nourished , aged protected and infants cared for. The TGO has been partaking , in all these years, in so many activities such as orphanage houses visitations and donations, streets children education and entertainment and market hospital cleanings. We visited the Hearts of the Fathers Home at New Ningo in 2007 and 2009, where we visited the building, learned the needs and lifestyle of the many children living there, donated them some bread to eat, clothes, toys, and many school materials such as pen, pencils and so on. we spent there many hours trying to know the children and spend joyful time with them. In 2007 we participated to a program where we educated the participants about drug abuse, child abuse, premarital sex and woman abuse too. our future vision is to inspire the next generations through skills, talents and charity as InI Father Jah RasTafarI teach us. We members try contribute buying to the needy ones clothes, food and so on. Our Future Vision is to have a Recreational Center where the streets youths and all who wants, can spend their spear time in a place where no immoral or wrong activity can happen, a House where they can feel safe and grow Right and Strong and then a School, a panafrican school where they will learn good their roots, educate themselves about the world, improve their knowledge to enrich Ghana ( so the Emperor say that Knowledge is power and a Must! ) and where they can also learn some handicraft such as dress making, carpentry and anything which can bring daily income and have more chances to work after the school, instead of going back to the streets involving themselves in criminal and abuse situations ; that is why we also look for students and workers that can come help InI in One Love and One Aim work Camp. The partecipants will get the chance to learn the traditional culture and do some Blessed Jah work at the same time teaching the youths some skills. all who comes, at the end of the work camp, will have a certificate of participation. we can provide asylum and help to Jah people that want to Repatriate in Mama Africa Ghana. the T.G.O. is not able alone to provide to such work, that why ini seek help, Jah say that Inity is Strength, so InI want to forward to this aim: INITY ! so we can realize the dream to make a better future for our children of Ghana, because they are the Future !!! We need donations of any kind, from cash to clothes, toiletries, such as soap ,but also books, pens, pencils and so on, even thou honestly we prefer cash for 1 main reason : with money donations we can buy right there much more than what can be bought in the west ( including the money spent for the shipping ) and at the same time help the local business too. To raise funds we also sell some local products all natural and ital, such as yellow and white shea butter, hard or liquid black soap, fabrics, handmade t-shirts, turbans, necklaces and Ghanaian beads and African and Rasta art. we have been through very hard time and difficulties because most of us are in desperate need of Job and hustle daily, but because we believe in this organization, as it is our own child, we are punctual and firm to make grow our NGO and make a difference once for all. InI need more strenght to forward Strong and Tall in Unity to make this visions come true !! in Jah Holy Name ! RasTafarI ! Come Join InI Jah People we all welcome all who comes in One Love and Aim, believe in yourself, eachone of us has something to learn and something to teach, you won’t regret it but you will surely feel blessed to make something good and enriched. More Love and Life Tafari Groundational Outernational NGO for streets children.

Blessed Heart of Love in the Name of the Mighty One Emperor Haile Selassie I God and King. InI are the Tafari Groundational Outernational NGO and we would humbly like to talk about our works and project. Our NGO was born in 2007, officially…

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