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KIDS SAVING THE RAINFOREST – a registered 501(c3) non-profit organization


Kids Saving the Rainforest has different projects on biodiversity conservation and research, and we have created a training/volunteer program that allows any animal or forest lover to join us, learn with us and work with us. We believe that we are all capable of changing our attitude towards nature.

Tropical Wildlife Zoo Keeping: Kids Saving the Rainforest has had a wildlife rehabilitation center since 2005. In 2010 we opened a Wildlife Sanctuary to keep those animals that cannot be released back into the wild. Some of the animals were pets and are used to humans, some were circus and research animals and others are too injured to survive in the wild. The volunteers will learn the basics of zoo keeping in a tropical environment with tropically native species. This may include maintenance of facilities (cleaning, repairing, building and enriching cages, trails, etc.), diet preparation and enrichment, behavioral observations, health monitoring, and training. Also the volunteers will learn about tropical biodiversity and the natural history of some tropical animals.


Kids Saving the Rainforest offers two different types of volunteer placements:

Seasonal Volunteers: Duration of the stay can be 14days or more depending on your availability and participate in all aspects of the work. Applicants from any background are accepted and full training is provided.

Interns: Duration of the stay is from three weeks up to several months if they wish. Applicants from any background are accepted, however this placement is more suitable for gap-year students, undergraduates or recent-graduates who wish to gain more experience in wildlife management and conservation. Interns will work with KSTR staff, but will be expected to be independent and proactive, and might receive extra training for specific tasks or research projects taking place.

Also, we accept internship students who wish to undertake research projects for their dissertation, thesis, independent study, capstone study, etc. These students can benefit from the support and supervision or KSTR’s team on biology and wildlife veterinary medicine.

Self-generated projects are welcomed or alternatively, students may inquire with KSTR about our current research interests.

Participant’s General Duties

All participants will work under the supervision of the Volunteer Coordinator and Vet Tech while working alongside KSTR. Daily duties include preparing food for animals, feeding animals twice a day, recording animal behavior and health and cleaning cages. Volunteers should expect to work up to 40 hours per week.


All participants are expected to fulfill certain requirements in order to participate in our projects. Work is demanding, repetitive, and can also vary from day to day. Participants must know that they will be working with wild animals that are not pets and should behave accordingly. These requirements are to ensure that volunteers bring the right expectations and enjoy their experience with KSTR.

Need to enjoy working outdoors and be motivated

Minimum age of 18 (minors accepted with parental approval on an individual basis).

Travel and international medical insurance

Flexibility to adapt to changing schedules and weather

Project Site

Costa Rica has long been renowned for the friendliness of its people, high standard of education, enlightened environmental policies and for its peaceful democratic government. Most of all, Costa Rica is famous for its stunning natural beauty and the density and diversity of its exotic flora and fauna.

The Central Pacific area of the country hosts a wide variety of ecosystems because it is where the dry forest of the north and the very humid forest of the south overlap. Some estimates of the biodiversity of the region are 109 species of mammals and 184 species of birds.

The Volunteer Center, Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue Center are located in the quiet surrounding area of the Blue Banyan Inn (, 7 Km (4 miles) from the nearest town of Quepos and Manuel Antonio. The property is surrounded by forest of different ages, palm, beech, and teak wood plantations.

The volunteer center has shared rooms and bathrooms, a mini-lounge where you can share the day’s activities with fellow volunteers. This area includes a refrigerator, sitting area, sink and cabinet space.

There are mountains nearby and a network of dirt roads to explore the area. The town of Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park are a few kilometers away and volunteers can explore these areas during free time.


Kids Saving the Rainforest is a Non-Profit Organization and we rely on donations to function, as do many other NGOs in developing countries. Nevertheless we are working hard on being sustainable and self-sufficient. Most of our budget is spent at our rescue center, which receives a great quantity of animals per year (116 in 2010) and has no means of making money.

Therefore we rely on volunteers to contribute towards their participation costs. These fees cover 3 daily meals, drinking water, accommodation (shared rooms and bathrooms), Internet (WiFi), laundry, travel to town and in country support.

Volunteer Rates 2014:

Volunteer (bunk room)

14+ days: $100(Registration fee) $880(volunteer fee)Total $980

21+ days: $150(Registration fee) $1215(volunteer fee)Total $1365

30+ days: $200(Registration fee) $1600(volunteer fee)Total $1800

60+ days: $250(Registration fee) $4700(volunteer fee) Total $4950

120+ days: $300(Registration fee) $5700(volunteer fee) Total $6000

Up to 4 people in a room: discount based on number of people in the room. (2 people: $5 off, 3 people: $10 off and 4 people: $15 off)

Volunteer (cottages)

14+ days: $100(Registration fee)$1720(volunteer fee)Total $1820

21+ days: $150(Registration fee) $2370(volunteer fee) Total $2520

30+ days: $200(Registration fee) $3100(volunteer fee) Total $3300

60+ days: $250(Registration fee)$8750(volunteer fee)Total $9000

120+days: $300(Registration fee)

$10,500(volunteer fee) $10,800 Total

Up to 3 people in a cottage: discount based on number of people in the cottage.(2 people $10 off and 3 people $20 off)

100% of the proceeds go to support KSTR projects.

Rates include the following:

* Bunk bed, sheets and towels, access to laundry, all meals, days off and transportation to town. (Bunk Room)

*King, Queen and Double beds (depending on the cottage) sheets and towels, access to laundry, all meals, days off and transportation to town. (Cottages)

*If you need to cancel for some reason, only the volunteer fee will be refunded and not the registration fee.

*Registration fee is non-refundable and must be paid once you submit your application. All other fees may be paid via PayPal one month before arrival.

Wish List Donation:

KSTR is solely run on donations and whenever it’s possibly we would love if you could bring items from our “Wish List” that could fit into your baggage.

Thank you


KIDS SAVING THE RAINFOREST – a registered 501(c3) non-profit organization


Kids Saving the Rainforest has different projects on biodiversity conservation and research, and we have created a training…

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