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Planting Seeds has been a registered not for profit organization in Guatemala since 2004, with its goal of providing a new educational way of being for children and families. Planting Seeds currently operates and partners with seven early childhood education programs, working with over 330 kids, and provides teacher certification and training throughout Guatemala.

Throughout this time, Planting Seeds has recognized the need for more comprehensive services for families and communities, especially in areas of extreme poverty. For this reason, Planting Seeds plans to expand its mission to focus on supporting human development with the parents, families, and communities in the areas we work. To start this shift, we will be opening a community center in Zone 3 of Guatemala City, where one of our early childhood centers is located.

Mission: Planting Seeds is a non-profit organization that seeks to grow brighter futures for children, families, and communities in Guatemala through high quality comprehensive education, teacher training, community and family programming, and collaboration to break down barriers that contribute to poverty.

Vision: To grow and contribute to loving, healthy, educated, and empowered communities all across Guatemala.

Organizational Purpose: Improve quality of life for members of Guatemala by

  1. Providing High Quality Education throughout Guatemala
  2. Improving Teacher Quality through multiple teacher trainings
  3. Providing tools and education to families to best support their children
  4. Break down barriers that place people in poverty by listening and adapting to the needs of the communities we work.