Instituto de Español y Participación en Ayuda Social (INEPAS)

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15 Avenida 4-59, Zona 1


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INEPAS is both a Spanish School and a Social Aid Institution. We are the only Spanish school in Guatemala that is officially recognized by the Guatemalan State as a self-sustaining non-profit organization. We were given this recognition for performing a range of social, legal and humanitarian work in order to help the development of rural communities around Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. We received official recognition from UNESCO in 1998 for our work in educational development in Mayan communities surrounding Quetzaltenango.

Students at our Spanish school not only learn the Spanish language, but they also have the opportunity to learn about the history, culture and socio-economic reality of Guatemala through the various afternoon activities we provide.

The social projects carried out by INEPAS are funded entirely from the income provided by its language school, and in this way the organization remains completely self-sustaining.