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La Fundación ProAves es una organización no gubernamental, sin animo de lucro, que enfoca sus esfuerzos hacia el estudio de las aves y la conservación de su hábitat. Promoviendo y ejecutando directamente investigación científica, acciones de conservación y educación ambiental. Nuestro propósito es apoyar y promover la conservación de la herencia natural de Colombia forjando un interés en la fauna y su estudio con un énfasis las aves, con el fin de beneficiar la humanidad y la diversidad biológica.

Fundación ProAves is a Colombian non-profit organization that focuses on the study and conservation of our biodiversity, especially birds at risk of extinction and their habitats, in partnership with local communities. ProAves objective is to support and promote the protection of Colombia's incredible but endangered natural heritage with the ultimate aim of benefiting the planet and humanity.

ProAves aims to go beyond research; to implement actions that truly contribute to the conservation of threatened species and their habitat, often applying innovative actions. ProAves was born in 1998 from the initiative of a group of passionate Colombian conservationists. ProAves has an executive board, advisory council and 700 members and gained crucial experience and knowledge in designing conservation policies, project planning and implementation at the local, regional, and national level.

Today, ProAves has over 65 full-time professional staff in over 55 conservation, education, capacity-building and sustainable development programs. ProAves established Colombia's first conservation easement and helped to establish two National Parks totaling 434,955 acres. ProAves also own and manage the largest network of bird reserves in the tropics, with 18 Bird Reserves protecting over 50,000 acres of critical habitats for birds and wildlife located in 12 departments across Colombia. The reserves are fantastic places to visit and most have good facilities to stay and enjoy their exceptional bird diversity. Visit to visit the reserves or join our birding tours.

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