FUNDIT (Fundacion para Desarrollo Integral de El Tejar

  • Chimaltenango


6a Calle 5-02, zona
Colonia La Castellana
El Tejar


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FUNDIT is a non profit organization operating in El Tejar, Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

It’s work consists currently on four programs:

1. CEDIN is an early education center with 120 children aged 4 to 6 from disadvantaged families. The school has a Montessori orientation.

2. A scholarship program supports 67 students annually allowing them to attend primary, middle and high school. The program provides school supplies, books, uniforms, and tuitions. Students receive tutoring and extra reading classes. Older students regularly volunteer in the library. FUNDIT conducts workshops for parents.

3. The library has more than 12 000 books, lends books every year to more than 2000 community members. It conducts literacy programs for children from ages 4 to 13. During school break, the library conducts the Child Aid program, Adventures in Reading program.

4. FUNDIT music program enriches the quality of life of 48 children and young people. They take music lessons in instruments including mandolin, flute, keyboard, guitar and marimba as well as receiving instruction in rhythmic, music theory and music history.