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Teka Samuha Nepal, a non-government organization runs Volunteer Teaching Program for overseas students. It provides opportunities such as: Teaching English in Gov.Schools, Social work in Children and Women Shelter, Training,Campaign and Workshop.

Teka also provides technical assistance for Women Empowerment Program for community women.Teka designs and delivers training to village women and youth in different parts of the country to create an opportunity for self-sustainability.

Teka Samuha Nepal is a formally registered non-governmental organization and is affiliated with the Social Welfare Council.

Mission Statement: -To ensure the cultural, environmental, social, and economic well being of Nepali communities by optimal utilization of local and national resources through maximum people's participation.

Objectives of Teka

1. Conduct teaching volunteer programs through international volunteers.

2. Generate conservation awareness among communities.

3. Generate awareness to halt the trafficking of women and girls.

4. Generate an awareness on legal and gender equity.

5. Provide technical assistance for formal and non-formal education programs.

6. Direct economic relief activities for poor and disadvantaged groups in a favorable environment and provide assistance to those who want to render their services to Nepal.

Area of Focus: Community Service and Volunteering.

Address: G.P.O.Box # 7725, Maligaun, Kathmandu, Nepal

Contact Person: Ms. Sangeeta Bhandari Office In-Charge/Correspondent Phone/Fax: 977-1-4431567


URL: Last Updated: September 27, 2006

Programs/Services 1. Volunteer Teaching Program

Nepal is a country with a unique landscape and glorious history, tradition and culture. Its indigenous cultures not only attract tourists but also provide lessons in sustainable living. The numerous myths and stories of origin of these cultures have the potential to inform the international community how to live in harmony with nature. From time immemorial, these cultures and the traditions they espouse have become the essence of Nepali life. Nepali culture has always attracted people from various parts of the globe.

Teka Samuha Nepal makes arrangements for the placement of volunteers in schools and communities. It sends trained volunteers to remote areas with an aim to raise awareness about environmental issues, sanitation, income generating programs and primary health care.

Why Teaching Volunteer Program ?

- To learn the Nepali language and become acquainted with a different culture. - To experience cross-cultural interaction. - To learn about Nepali life and social systems. - To enhance the English skills of students in the government schools.

What is the Home Stay Program?

Volunteers come from the different parts of the world to learn Nepali Language, culture and living styles. During the placement, TEKA sends their volunteers to the field where they stay with Nepali families in villages or in the cities. Volunteers live as part of the family during the placement period in Nepal. They eat lunch, dinner, snacks and have tea and drinks together with their Nepali family and generally share in their daily lives and experiences. People in Nepal are very respectful toward guests. Indeed, there is a saying in Nepali that athiti devo bhawa, which means guests are god.

How do the volunteers spend their time in the village?

Volunteers spend their time by teaching English language to public school students. Volunteers can also teach other subjects in which they may have some expertise such as :science or math. The volunteer can instructs classes in various subjects including kitchen gardening, garbage and sanitary management, recycling, building a smokeless stove, building a toilet by using local materials, etc.

Volunteers interact with people in the community around different issues such as development and education. They work with women?s groups in community development activities in literacy and income generating activities. They produce reports of the village where volunteers stay during their placement. Volunteers observe and assist local doctors and public health posts.

How do the volunteers spend their time in the city?

Volunteers work with children?s and women?s organizations whose foci include the trafficking of women and children, street children, child labor, handicapped children, the elderly, and the mentally handicapped. They take classes about trafficking, environmental pollution, and earthquakes. Volunteers teach in schools in cities such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Narayanghat, and Biratnagar.

Teka Samuha Nepal, a non-government organization runs Volunteer Teaching Program for overseas students. It provides opportunities such as: Teaching English in Gov.Schools, Social work in Children and Women Shelter, Training,Campaign and…

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  • Ward No 5, Maligaun, Kathmandu, Kathmandu, 1 G.P.O. 7725, Nepal

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