Fondo Comunitario Monteverde

  • Provincia de Puntarenas


Centro Comercial
Local #6
Provincia de Puntarenas
Costa Rica

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Mission Statement

To unite diverse resources, shareholders and strategies in order to support and promote sustainable initiatives within the Monteverde region.


Create quality of life and a more sustainable community through the efforts and collaboration of all Monteverde.

The aim of the Community Fund is as follows:

1. Create innovative opportunities to contribute to the sustainable development of the region;

2. Support and encourage programs that promote community-based environmental conservation and grassroots development initiatives based on community priorities;

3. Promote communication between the various sectors of the community and external actors;

4. Strengthen organized community groups for the conceptualization, training, implementation, evaluation and adaptation of projects;

5. Establish monitoring and evaluation processes for the Fund’s programs and the projects supported by it so that those involved can visualize their progress towards their goals.