Fundación Huellas

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Who are we?

We are a non-profit organization located in La Torre sector, in the city of Medellin. Our mission is to foster social inclusivity, providing informal education (education outside of the school system) with a focus on the rights of children and youth; we work with victims of poverty and forced displacement and provide integral support for families, thereby promoting community development.

What do we do?

Our main focus is on the promotion and defence of the rights of children. We provide a space in the community for children and youth to learn (we develop basic reading, writing, logical, and math skills for children enrolled and not enrolled in school); to eat at our community kitchen; to play in our sports and recreation program; to express themselves in our art program. We also offer opportunities for youth through a scholarship and volunteer program.

As well as with children and youth, we work at the family and community level, offering psychosocial and technical (training) support to families and spearheading community initiatives such as the library and community garden.

If you are inspired by the work of our organization please check out the posted opportunities to get involved! Our organization relies on (and thrives off of!) the generosity and commitment of volunteers.


Misión: Generar procesos de inclusión social y capacitación informal desde la formación en valores con enfoque de derechos de los niños, niñas y jóvenes víctimas de la pobreza y el desplazamiento; a través de trabajos sociales, académicos, artísticos, ambientales, ecológicos, culturales, deportivos y recreativos, que promuevan el desarrollo comunitario.

Visión: En el 2018 la Fundación Huellas será una organización sostenible, reconocida por su capacidad de generar procesos incluyentes de formación en valores con enfoque de derechos a la población infantil y juvenil, y el acompañamiento psicosocial a las familias, para generar desarrollo económico, social, ambiental, artístico y cultural, en territorios afectados por el fenómeno del desplazamiento y la pobreza.