Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina

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“Mensajeros del Mundo” is a programme of the NGO Mensajeros de la Paz Argentina which includes the voluntary social work living together in the house of volunteers “Casa del Mundo”.

We consider that the volunteers living and working together will show a good example for our society. The “Mensajeros del Mundo” live in a multicultural environment, they work together to succeed in solving social problems, the volunteers help up with urgent necessaries in the social centers and realize workshops.

It is an experience which permits you to get to know a new culture, to practice Spanish and to live with other international volunteers in a family atmosphere. Furthermore the voluntary service offers you the unique experience of helping to improve the lives of more than 200 people in need in our social centers. 

Mensajeros de la Paz has four social centers in the city of Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires province:

  • “Hogar Santa Ana y San Joaquín”: A senior center for day care (food and workshops) in the capital quarter Flores

  • “Hogar San José”: A senior residence for female senior citizens in the province of Buenos Aires

  • “La Balsa”: A youth care center in the capital quarter Once

  • “Hogar Pewmalen”: a children’s home for girls with a difficult family background

You can help by:
  • helping to preserve the garden of the senior residence or helping in the kitchen

  • spending your time speaking to people who basically need somebody to talk to

  • organizing campaigns for the seniors, children and youth

  • participating or organizing in workshops

  • handling tasks of the NGO together with the staff like organizing funds, marketing, events or social networks

  • offering private lessons for children

  • participating in promoting events

All new volunteers are accompanied by the coordinator of the programme and by the directors of the centers.