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Selvaraj Memorial Trust(SMT), (Centre for Rural Women and Children Development)

chennai, India

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Introduction: SMT are based in villupuram district in the work with women, children, dalits (Untouchables), poor, orphans, destitute, handicapped, old age persons and exploited women, and other marginalized groups. Vision: A self reliant and prosperous society where social justice, gender equality and a safe environment are achieved through people centered development.


1. SMT strengthen the abilities and opportunities of communities and organisations for gender sensitive participation and inclusion for the well-being of society. 2. Build capacity of disadvantaged communities and groups to enable them to develop their own organizations, manage resources and undertake activities for self-development and self-reliance. 3. Enhance the capacity of civil society organizations in promoting the cause of social justice. 4. To socio-economic, political, religions and cultural systems of our society are interlinked, interlocked, inter related and interdependent. Until and unless we bring a change in the society-poverty, exploitation social discrimination and other social injustices and human right violations will be eradicated. So, we wanted to give the our target people-social awareness education, need based education and problem facing education and started concentration programme.


1. To develop links with other organizations with similar objectives. 2. To promote people-centered development and a gender sensitive perspective in all our work. 3. To conduct informal education and awareness raising programs with our target group. 4. To promote health and a safe environment. 5. To motivate local people to become involved in income generation schemes such as savings and credit grups, skills developemtn programmes and resource mobilization initiatives. 6. To build and develop good communications and skills at local level. 7. To Support community participation in cultural management programmes. 8. To organize relief activities at the time of calamites and emergencies.

Operational modality:

The organization is generates funds through the sale of materials and professional services to local NGOs, line agencies and INGOs.

Professional Services: Training Tailor made training programs, workshops and follow up programs are conducted.

Microfinance: SMT conducts study and research at the request of INGOs, NGOs, GOs


1. Group Formation 2. Workshop Facilitation 3. Monitoring and Impact Evaluation 4. Strategic Planning & Periodic Plannin

Expertise and Capacity:

SMT has proven expertise in organizing and conducting the following workshops and trainings at community and district levels:

1. Gender Awareness 2. Gender and Development 3. Group Dynamics 4. Leadership 5. Gender Sensitive Programme management 6. Gender Sensitive Monitoring and Evaluation 7. Savings and Credit Promotion 8. Gender Sensitive Development and Communication 9. Gender Sensitive Resource Management 10. Participatory Rural Appraisal 11. Training of Facilitators (TOF) 12. Rights Based Training 13. Better Life Option

Implementation strategy:

1. SMT Co-ordinate groups of , and community based organizations for for each programme. 2. PRA is conducted in target areas 3. Learning from previous / other programmes is utilized. 4. SMT build the capacity of target groups for greater participation in and ownership of development initiatives. 5. SMT work with programme beneficiaries to enable them to participate in planning, implementation and ongoing monitoring and evaluation. 6. SMT conduct meetings, external evelauation and action learning processes to evaluate programmes.

Our policies:

1. SMT has no political affiliations. 2. SMT advocates for peace and human rights. 3. SMT has transparent and democratic working practices. 4. SMT has gender sensitive perspective in all areas of work. 5. SMT members are gender sensitive and promote this to others. 6. SMT is committed to working with target groups.

Organisational structure:

SMT is governed by a board of executive of 7 members. The board develops policies and acts to implement these, as well as ensuring the smooth functioning of programmes and the office.

Introduction: SMT are based in villupuram district in the work with women, children, dalits (Untouchables), poor, orphans, destitute, handicapped, old age persons and exploited women, and other marginalized groups. Vision: A self reliant and…

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  • No.27, Singarathoppu Street, Gidangal -2, Tindivanam, Villup, chennai, None 604002, India

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