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This is not jet an Organization just and idea that I want to develop to provide solutions to a group of people that most of the people denominate Seniors.

There is an increasing number of people in Peru who have no access to the Peruvian labor market due basically to the age. I m talking about seniors who are in good health conditions but cannot get a job because private and government organizations prefer no hire seniors, just a fast check to employment ads of the major Sunday newspaper will show this situation that means ads that specify age limits. but local government guarantee a none age discrimination for any cause but the age discrimination exits and it is a reality.

Some local communitites are providing health, education and entertaiment programs but none of them provide job alternatives to seniors who only wish to have a life with dignity.

I ¨ve experience by myself the situation to be unemployed after to be working for over twenty five years, unfortunately in my case I work overseas and some local positions does not provide in that time a pension or a health plan such it is provided today.

An advisor will say at this point. "Hey start you own business, find a product or service that you can offer and start being by yourself your own employer" . Looks so easy to say but not so simple to do.

Be an Entrepenur requires some kind of skills, that some of them you can learn but there are others that are hard to very learn. An entrepenur take risks for me that is the main difference but certainly there are several others to consider.

Some years ago meanwhile i was in the the Sunday mass I was thinking about an idea to start a help group under the umbrella of our Church, just to have something in common our faith. People who assist to the chruch have values more clear than others who does not belong to any organization. For me was more easy to start a "Seniors Help Group" with people who have at least one point in common, our faith.

That idea was to recruit with the assistance of our local church, profesional seniors in good health condition to start a series of discussions "Brainstorming" with the objective to develop a set of simple develop small business.

The group will elect a high commision to develop the rules and policies of the meetings sessions and to elect a Mentor as a project leader.

The Project Team will develop a database to include in it each member their education, experienes, skills and contact information.

At the begining the project team will have weekly sessions to find out a business team a group of people with experience and education in areas of: marketing, accounting and finance.

The recruting of seniors will continue until have a a group of over three people with some experience and education in sales, marketing.