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Boston Mobilization

Cambridge, MA |
Se unió en noviembre 2001

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Boston Mobilization (Mobe) has been an active part of the Greater-Boston peace and justice movement since its' inception in 1977 as a local chapter of the nation-wide anti-nuclear organization Mobilization for Survival. Originally formed to promote peace and stop nuclear build-up during the cold war, Boston Mobilization has been a Boston area leader in the fight for social justice for the past 30+ years.

Mobe is a largely youth-run grassroots organization that educates, empowers, and organizes young people to engage in their communities and find their voice as agents for constructive change through grassroots campaigns for peace, racial equality, economic justice, and genuine democracy. We utilize non-violent actions, education, and local legislative efforts to help improve our local community and our world. Our goal is to produce a systemic change in social values that brings true peace and equality. We use Martin Luther King's theory of the Triple Evils of racism, militarism, and materialism as our guide.

We develop young leaders through their active roles in grassroots campaigns promoting fundamental social change. We encourage youth to critically examine their relationships to their community, their country, and the world in which they live. We work against apathy and the systemic disempowerment of youth.

Our programs include:

Sub/Urban Justice

The mission of Sub/Urban Justice is to equip youth living in and connected to the suburbs with the skills to transform their communities towards social justice. We transform our suburban and urban communities by supporting youth to develop a social justice perspective, and empowering them with the leadership skills to make positive changes in their schools and communities. We currently work with many different organizations across the Boston Metropolitan area to build a broad and effective network implementing social justice policies and practices across the region.


In 2010, Sub/Urban Justice was a founding member of the Youth of Massachusetts Organizing for a Reformed Economy collaborative (Y MORE). In April 2010, after months of organizing, they helped convince Senator Cynthia Creem (Brookline, Newton, Wellesley) and Representative Frank Smizik (Brookline) to co-sponsor amendments for new funding for youth jobs. 1,000,000 dollars was added into a very tight budget, providing hundreds of new jobs for teens around the state. Watch SJS's own Amanda Jenkins ('09) and Maddie MacWilliams ('10) speak to an audience of 175 here. See Kiersten Helleger's ('09) receive a standing ovation from the State Senate here (min 71). In 2011, Y MORE will focus on campaigns to reduce diesel emissions pollution and increase new revenue.

Speak Up! Project

In 2008, high school students in Boston identified racism and privilege as major problems in their schools. They decided to address these problems by collecting personal stories and creating a resource for facilitating conversations about race and racism. These teens worked for two years gathering stories, artwork, discussion questions, activities, and resources.

Speak Up! was published in September of 2010 and is being used by schools from Boston to San Francisco to address racism and improve school climate. The book includes stories from white students and students of color and supports peer education and community organizing as avenues to student-led social change

Boston Mobilization has internships and volunteer positions available in all of its project areas as well as in non-profit management. We provide an open environment where you can not only participate in established programs, but shape new projects or expand upon the existing ones. Contact us to find out how *you* can get involved and make a difference!

Boston Mobilization (Mobe) has been an active part of the Greater-Boston peace and justice movement since its' inception in 1977 as a local chapter of the nation-wide anti-nuclear organization Mobilization for Survival. Originally…

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    30 Bow St, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States

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