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Foundation for Global Collaboration and Peace, Inc.

New York, NY |
Se unió en agosto 2010

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Foundation for Global Collaboration and Peace is the Resource Center for Participatory Peace, where you can learn Universal Human Commonalities, connect with people and peace NGOs, share your experience and participate in peace building.

We are a member of Genocide Watch’s International Campaign to End Genocide, the United Nations' World Volunteer Web and the Peace Innovation Project at Stanford University (listed as, as well as a resource "For Practitioners" at Columbia University's The Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4).

Our research has been published by the PeaceWomen Project at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

Our Vision: Through the emphasis of Universal Human Commonalities, the Foundation for Global Collaboration and Peace provides a basis for on-going dialogue between communities worldwide, in order to better collaborate on a global scale to achieve and maintain peace holistically

Our Mission Objectives:

  1. Build a virtual reference center about universal human commonalities
  2. Provide a live forum for discussion and exchange of ideas
  3. Show what everyday life is like around the world
  1. Connect activists with peace-building and human-rights organizations
  1. Adapt the data so that it is accessible to children and adults with varying reading levels and scientific understanding
  2. Make this data available to the worldwide audience by translating it into all currently in-use languages
  3. Highlight the often invisible human commonalities to overshadow our instinct to prejudge based on visual, auditory and other obvious differences such as gender, race, nationality, etc.
  4. Fund on-going studies into human commonalities, especially in areas where information is lacking or outdated

Our Video: Please vote for this one-minute video about the Foundation.

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Temáticas Incluídas

  • Educación
  • Derechos Humanos & Libertades Civiles
  • Cooperación Internacional
  • Cooperación Internacional
  • Investigación & Ciencias Sociales


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    PO Box 179, New York, NY 10116, United States

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