Fundación Nacional para las Bellas Artes y la Cultura

  • Antigua Guatemala

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La Fundación para las Bellas Artes y la Cultura FUNBA, is an institution located in Colonial Antigua Guatemala as well as in Guatemala City. It is focused on the reinforcement of our national identity through saving, protecting, conserving, investigating, spreading, and encouraging art in Guatemala. This is done through its Research Department, and with activities which promote research and artistic production, as in the spreading of art pieces through MAG-Museo Arte Guatemala, currently under construction. The FUNBA Collection is located at the HOUSE-MUSEUM in Antigua Guatemala, and contains more than 4,000 art pieces from Pre-Columbian, Spaniard-Guatemalan, Modern and Contemporary art.


To be a institution that contributes to the reinforcement of our national identity by: the rescue, protection, conservation, research, diffusion and encouragement of art in Guatemala, using updated practices of full management in order to guarantee its sustainability; collaborating with artists, curators and researchers through our educational and research programs that contribute in a major way to increase Guatemalan art knowledge.


To be recognized internationally as a solid institution, and as a reference point in the academic and cultural environment regionally. To convene and promote artistic and research projects as well as strategic alliances with the objective of re-signifying history and Guatemalan art heritage.

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