Texas Low Income Housing Information Service (Texas Housers)

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We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 1985 to work for housing justice and fair and equal treatment by government of communities. We have offices in Austin, the Lower Rio Grande Valley (Edinburg), Houston and Fort Worth.

Originally founded as Texas Low Income Housing Information Service, we are also go by the name Texas Housers

Our mission is to support low-income Texans' efforts to achieve the American dream of a decent, affordable home in a quality neighborhood. We believe that Texas' critical low income housing and community development needs can best be solved through a public-private partnership led by the initiative of low-income Texans and supported by government, the private sector, and the general public.

Our primary work areas include: fair housing and support for residential integration, universal access to decent affordable housing, equal provision of public services and infrastructure to neighborhoods of color and neighborhoods of people with lower incomes, equitable post disaster rebuilding, elimination of environmental hazards from neighborhoods. We stand for four rights for all Texans:

  1. The right to freely choose where to live.
  2. The right to stay in the neighborhood and not be involuntary displaced.
  3. The right to equal treatment by government in the provision of public services and infrastructure.
  4. The right to have a say in government policies and programs that impact our homes, neighborhoods and lives.

We carry out our mission by:

  • Researching and evaluating low-income housing and community development programs, needs and issues to discover solutions;
  • Providing information about low-income housing and community programs, needs and issues to promote public understanding and support; and
  • Organizing and empowering low-income people and communities to take the initiative to solve their housing and community development problems.