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The Research Laboratory on Reconfigurable Control (Laboratorio de Investigación en Control Reconfigurable, A.C. - LiCore) is a Mexican nonprofit research organization whose purpose is to develop new technologies in Mexico, with emphasis on creating high value added products which contribute to economic development and efforts to combat climate change.

Our Focus

Our current goal is to develop and roll out Renewable Energy Smart Grid technology within Mexico. To do this we are:

  1. Carrying out research and development into Renewable Energy oriented Smart Grid technology
  2. Working on Renewable Energy Installations in Mexico, and
  3. Engaging in a National discussion on energy to promote Renewable Smart Grids as the dominant energy system over coming decades

Renwable Energy Smart Grids

The technology at the heart of our work is a fantastic opportunity for Mexico to develop clean, reliable and affordable energy supplies for all. Mexico has incredible solar and wind generation resources and we believe we can combine this with smart technologies to transform Mexico's energy system.

Economic Development

LiCore wants to develop new, innovative technologies in Mexico because we believe that ownership of new technologies is fundamental to economic development. We want to develop Smart Grid and other technologies in order that Mexico can fulfil its potential to provide a better quality of life for all its citizens. This is LiCore's core mission.

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