Ollin Tlahtoalli: Centro de Lenguas y Cultura Mexicana AC

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Our goal is to promote the recognition and appreciation of diverse cultures through experiential living and learning. Using language as the bridge that connects us, our programs seek to enhance cross-cultural respect and appreciation that enriches communities by providing diverse opportunities for language-based teaching and learning. Through this objective, we seek to not only broaden the knowledge of visitors to the Oaxaca area regarding our indigenous communities, but also to reinforce respect for and preservation of indigenous languages and customs.

The common theme that connects our various programs is the pairing of hands-on projects within rural communities with practical Spanish language strengthening in the city of Oaxaca. All elements of the program are aimed at enhancing the knowledge of Mexican and Oaxacan history and culture, as well as providing learning experiences for all contributors, including foreign visitors, local Oaxacans, and indigenous participants.

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