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What we do:

In partnership with local communities, The Humanity Exchange fosters leadership in international development through volunteer, internship, and language learning programs.


To provide an impactful experience abroad for volunteers, while contributing to development in partnership with local communities.

Our work is guided by the principle of humanity. We believe that it is up to each of us to take action and work with our fellow human beings. Our programs contribute to local development efforts and volunteers rise to the ultimate challenge of living, working, and learning abroad. We connect volunteers to the realities of the human condition abroad. We build on years of experience, and are committed to providing the highest quality experiences abroad with the utmost of integrity.


Valued Partnership

We do not impose on communities. We only send volunteers when and where they are truly needed. Our partners receive volunteers because they truly want a helping hand and to learn from the cultural exchange, not for any other reason. This avoids the experience of a volunteer feeling like they are “being babysat.”


We look for volunteers and interns with an open mind, a willingness to learn, and adaptability. We always provide pre-placement support and cultural education. This ensures the best possible experience for both you and your new community.


THEX is a dynamic organization. We are driven by a core team with over fifteen years of collective experience facilitating volunteer placements around the globe. Our expertise is drawn from around the globe. This stellar combination means our experts are adept at managing relationships across an array of cultures. What does this translate into for you? We provide you with the best exchange experience possible. Furthermore, you can rest assured that the volunteer work you will be doing will have a significant impact on the community you are working with.