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Namlo Nepal is a national level non-governmental organization in operation since 1999. Namlo Nepal is non-political and non-religious and has been registered as an autonomous national level NGO in District Administration Office (DEO) Kathmandu and Social Welfare Council (SWC) since 2009. There are seven founder members who aim to help underprivileged, remote and deprived people to uplift their living standard through self-help activities.

History and mission accomplished of Namlo.

The mission of Namlo Nepal is to “help people of remote areas to help themselves through education and grass-roots programs, Namlo Nepal’s mission are “to help impoverished people of Nepal become self-sufficient.” Namlo Nepal is working on different programs on education and community development. For educational improvement in remote villages of Nepal, Namlo has concentrated on School Construction, School Enhancement and Scholarships. For the community development it has worked with the people to generate income in projects such as Dhaka Weaving, Sewing, Coffee Farming and Ginger Farming. It had also run adult literacy classes in Sabhung, Tanahu district.

In school construction program Namlo has built two school buildings in Tanahu and two in Sindhupalchowk district. It has supported these schools with educational materials and volunteers from the United States and Europe. Currently it is providing scholarships to students ranging from grade 6 to undergraduate level.

Recently Namlo has completed water supply project in partnership with Engineers without Borders – Hartford Professional Chapter in Sabhung, Tanahu. Also in 2014/15/16, Namlo completed the following:

·        Completed the construction of Kamdhenu School in Tanahu district of Nepal that will serve a student population of 351. The total cost of the school was Rs.46, 28495 where Namlo’s contribution RS.34, 20000 community contribution Rs.2, 96210 in kind contibution, Rs.8, 26310 and from school maintenance funds Rs.85, 975.

·        Namlo also completed a water system in Sabhung in partnership with Engineers Without Borders to bring 20,000 liters of water per day to 125 households from a vertical elevation of almost 1,000 feet at a cost of Rs.61,75000

·        In Dhuskun, Nepal, Namlo completed the construction of a community center with funding from the Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation and in support of the Dhuskun Women's Cooperative. 

·        Following the aftermath of a landslide that took place in Sindhupalchowk, near Dhuskun on August 2, 2014, the Dhuskun Women's Cooperative was instrumental in the distribution of Rs.6, 60000 of relief supplies to 500 people displaced.

·        During the earthquake Namlo Nepal has distributed the relief materials worth Rs .90, 86215 for the earthquake affected people of Mankha VDC and Dhuskun VDC. The relief materials include food items, toiletries, and clothing, I Sheet to 700 families of both the VDC with the help of Different donors and individuals from USA, Australia, and Europe.

·        Recently in 2017, Namlo Nepal has completed the Saraswati Secondary School Mankha, Sindhupalchowk with the cost of Rs.66, 44,359, through different sources of funding from SDF Australia Rs.20, 41659 funding from SDF Netherland Rs.693, 000 funding from Developing Hands (USA) Rs.277, 9500 funding from Namlo Nepal Rs.500, 000, community contribution 630,200.

Recently Namlo Nepal has started a volunteering program for the interested volunteers. Our program is well organized and level of satisfaction is high. We have experience coordinators available 24/7 support and they are available on call. Country director is an experience in working with the volunteers from different country.

Our Major Volunteering Programs

  • Teaching English:

Volunteer will be teaching students as per the organised schedule and age group in Kathmandu and other major city like

  • Construction and Renovation:

It is a special type of program lunched after earthquake; volunteers have choice to get involve in construction of community school and community building in Kathmandu valley or outside Kathmandu. For these program additional materials charges will be charged.

  • Care :

Under care there are two category Teaching and care and Care at disability centre. Volunteers can choice any one among two

  • Medical Placement: 

Under medical placement it has been categorised in two parts. Nursing care,Treatment observation, ward duty. Second category is Physio-Therapy. Volunteer can choose any one as per their expertise or as per their interest for their future occupation.

  • 60+ Volunteering:

This program is specially design for the people above 60 years. In this program professional such as professors, doctors, economist engineers, retired business person, teachers can apply, depending on their interest. We accept any volunteer form any field and will organise a placement of their choice.

  • Teen & High School Volunteer /Under 18:

This program is design for the high school students for short term (Two Weeks and more) group volunteering in different social organization, school, for a week and another week will be travelling and visiting different places.

Namlo Nepal is a national level non-governmental organization in operation since 1999. Namlo Nepal is non-political and non-religious and has been registered as an autonomous national level NGO in District Administration Office (DEO…

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