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Upendo Orphanage, which means "LOVE," is a sanctuary for children aged between 1 month and 14 years who have either lost both parents or been tragically abandoned. These children often arrive at Upendo without access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, and clothing. The orphanage is dedicated to ensuring that each child receives adequate nutrition, proper clothing, and healthcare, but most importantly, Upendo provides them with love and hope for a better future.

The Role of Volunteers:

Volunteers are the heart and soul of Upendo Orphanage. They come from all corners of the globe, bringing with them diverse skills, experiences, and, most importantly, a profound desire to make a difference in the lives of these children. Here are some of the key contributions volunteers make at Upendo:

1. Providing Emotional Support and Love:

   > Volunteers play a crucial role in offering emotional support and affection to the children, helping them feel valued and loved. This emotional bond is vital for the children's mental and emotional development.

2. Educational Assistance:

   > Many volunteers engage in teaching activities, helping the children with their studies and homework. They offer lessons in various subjects, including English, math, and science, which are crucial for the children's academic progress.

3. Organizing Recreational Activities:

   > Volunteers organize games, sports, and creative activities that not only entertain the children but also help in their social and physical development. These activities foster a sense of community and joy among the children.

4. Health and Hygiene:

   > Ensuring the children are healthy and hygienic is another vital area where volunteers contribute. They assist with daily hygiene routines and help monitor the children's health, making sure they receive the medical attention they need.

5.  Skill Development:

   > Some volunteers offer training in life skills, such as gardening, cooking, or arts and crafts. These skills can be invaluable for the children's future independence and self-sufficiency.

6.  Fundraising and Awareness:

   > Volunteers often engage in fundraising efforts and help raise awareness about the orphanage's mission and needs. Their outreach efforts are critical in securing donations and support from the broader community.

Impact of Volunteering:

The impact of volunteers at Upendo Orphanage is profound and multifaceted. Not only do they provide immediate assistance and care, but they also leave a lasting impression on the children's lives. The relationships formed between volunteers and children often continue long after the volunteer's stay, creating a lasting network of support and love.

By volunteering at Upendo, individuals not only contribute to the betterment of the children's lives but also gain invaluable experiences and insights. They learn about resilience, compassion, and the power of human connection, making their time at Upendo a mutually enriching experience.

Joining the Upendo Family:

If you are inspired to make a difference, Upendo Orphanage welcomes you to join their family of volunteers. Your time, skills, and love can help bring hope and joy to children who need it the most. Together, we can create a brighter future for the children of Upendo.

Official Agreement

Program Description

As a volunteer at Upendo Orphanage, your assistance is invaluable in various areas crucial to the well-being and development of our children. We need support in the following areas:

Education:Helping with teaching, tutoring, and providing classroom materials such as books, pens, pencils, colors, and exercise books.

Health Care:Assisting with the children's health needs, ensuring they maintain good hygiene and receive necessary medical care.

Clothing:Contributing to the provision of clothing for the children.

Sports & Games:Organizing and leading sports and recreational activities.

Emotional Support:Supporting children through difficult emotional times, offering them love and encouragement.

Activities & Shifts

Our volunteer schedule is as follows:

> Daily Schedule:(9:00 AM to 12:00 PM)

During these hours, volunteers will engage in various activities according to the needs of the day, including but not limited to education, health care, recreational activities, and providing emotional support.


1. Share Love:Our primary principle is to share love and compassion with all children.

2. No Spanking:We strictly prohibit spanking or any form of physical punishment.

Upendo Orphanage, which means "LOVE," is a sanctuary for children aged between 1 month and 14 years who have either lost both parents or been tragically abandoned. These children often arrive at Upendo without access to basic necessities such…


A Distancia
La persona voluntaria puede estar en cualquier lugar del mundo
Ubicación Asociada
Olturonto Rd, Arusha, Tanzania

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