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About Us

Be Inspired to Do Good is about creating a community that shares the needs and results of non profits, through photos, to inspire others in the world.

If you have an instagram account or have volunteers that have instagram accounts have them post any photos of the the needs or results of your organization and include in the posting comment the hashtag #beinspiredtodogood, description of need(s) or result(s) and links or other info as you want.

Once posted the site will automatically pull the photo based on the hashtag and will post onto the site and the facebook account.

If you dont have an instagram or access to one then you can always upload via the website or send the picture to the facebook page. Then I will work on posting to the instagram account, site and facebook page.

The site is aimed to promote the needs of non-profits, inspire others to do good and to see the possibilities in the results. Come check out the site. there is no costs or hidden fees.

IG: beinspiredtodogood