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Since 2004, has hosted graduate school fairs bringing together graduate programs and prospects considering graduate school to further their social impact career.


Idealist Grad Fairs hosted across the country and internationally


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This year we're going virtual!

In lieu of our in person fairs, we'll be hosting a fully virtual grad fair season. We have grouped this year’s fairs in five regions. Our marketing for each virtual fair will primarily target a specific region, plus those located in areas where we’ve never hosted a fair before. See the schedule of fair dates below.

All fairs will be held from 1PM - 4 PM EST

Fair Schedule


September 10th

September 29th

October 20th


September 17th

September 30th

October 16th


September 15th

October 5th


September 23rd

October 8th

Pacific Northwest

September 25th

October 14th

2020 Registration Schedule

The 2020 grad fairs are currently sold out. If you have an active directory membership you can add yourself to the waitlist for any of the fair dates. When registered programs cancel their registrations we will fill those newly opened spots with programs from the waitlists.

Stage 1: June 16th

All schools are invited to register for one fair

Stage 2: June 23rd

A small pool of schools are invited to register for one additional fair

Stage 3: June 25th

All schools are invited to register for additional fairs

Add your program to the waitlist

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Learn more about our fair attendees!

Download the results from our 2019 attendee survey to get a better snapshot into who attends an Idealist Grad Fair

The Idealist Grad Fairs have been a longstanding staple in our strategic recruitment plan. The Fairs attract both a diverse range of prospective students and graduate programs that seek to marry their mission-driven commitments to serving the public good through promoting the value of advanced education in the attainment of professions of purpose.

Jennifer Forney, Assistant Dean of Graduate Enrollment School of Public Affairs, American University

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