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Since 2004, has hosted graduate school fairs bringing together graduate programs and prospects considering graduate school to further their social impact career.


Idealist Grad Fairs hosted across the country and internationally


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2020 Grad Fair Schedule

New York - September 10th

Philadelphia - September 14th

Boston - September 15th

Washington, DC - September 22nd

San Francisco - September 29th

Los Angeles - September 30th

Seattle - October 5th

Portland - October 6th

Chicago - October 14th

*Please note: We may be adding one or two fairs to the schedule so check back soon!

The Idealist Grad Fairs have been a longstanding staple in our strategic recruitment plan. The Fairs attract both a diverse range of prospective students and graduate programs that seek to marry their mission-driven commitments to serving the public good through promoting the value of advanced education in the attainment of professions of purpose.

Jennifer Forney, Assistant Dean of Graduate Enrollment School of Public Affairs, American University

Registration Schedule

Stage 1 - May 12th, 2PM EST

ALL schools will be invited to register for 1 Idealist Grad Fairs during Stage 1.

Stage 2 - May 19th, 2PM EST

A limited number of schools who have participated in the most fairs since this program's inception will be invited to register for a limited number of additional fairs.

Stage 3- May 21st, 2PM EST

Registration for all Idealist Grad Fairs will be open to all schools, subject to availability.

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