Jane Stout

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106 Hartsdale Avenue
White Plains
New York
United States

About Us

Strategic Operations & Marketing Executive

With 20+ years as an operations & marketing executive in the agency world, working within numerous integrated communications platforms (social, digital, video, print, live meetings/events, brand activation, traditional advertising, branding and trade shows/exhibits and PR), I provide leadership, management and the vision necessary to ensure that the proper marketing strategies, operational controls, reporting procedures and team systems are in place to effectively grow and scale.

Along the way, I progressively grew, and scaled, a $30-million-dollar experiential marketing company, as well as effectively established a reputation for innovative change management solutions and earned the respect of clients and staff. Core competencies in corporate governance, operations management, marketing plans and strategies, corporate vision/strategic planning, profit and loss management, systems and cost improvements. I’m an innovative leader recognized for:

÷ Marketing & New Business Strategies               ÷Leadership & Change Management

÷ Corporate Vision & Strategic Planning            ÷ Profit & Loss Management                                                                       

÷ Executive & Staff Coaching                              ÷ Coaching, Training & Development

÷ Merger & Integration Strategy                          ÷ Systems & Cost Savings Improvements

÷ Sales Performance Metrics                                ÷ Compensation Structuring

÷ Recruiting/Retention & Team Building              ÷General Operation Management                                                                     

I improve performance through the analysis of the existing business structure and current business challenges, providing innovative solutions which will result in performance improvements and lead to increased margins and ease of operations. My experience, and capabilities, aid in taking companies to their next level of growth or in resolving deficiencies that impede its ability to grow.

As for my first job; it was bagging groceries at my family’s discount grocery store back in Indiana. I was too short to put things in a bag, so they a small platform for me to stand on (I was all of 13 years old)!

My passions? My family and food (rather I am cooking it, enjoying it, taking pictures of it, sharing it or making sure that everyone who needs it has it! Oh, and continuing to develop my golf game (it needs help).