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About Us

Our Mission

50strong 50wise - Cultivate a stage for young Sierra Leonean children who will be excited for a chance to rise and expand their growth with success and Education as its foundation. Our Mission is to contribute in the nation of Sierra Leon to assemble education, support, networking, and development of our young youth.

Our Core Values Unity - Uprightness - Professionalism - Cooperation - Focusing on giving the Children of Sierra Leone a sturdy foundation in their Education.

Our Goals 1.Our Goals are to fundraise $10,000 or more to support the unique talents and minds of these selected students, development, and support growth; committed to generating degrees out of these students to aide in the awareness and growth of Sierra Leone's economic presence. 2. Each student will have $100 dollars; $50 dollars will be used for school fees and the other $50 dollars for books and other school expenses. 3. To Improving Education; these students will be the first generation to attend school willingly and freely. Strengthening the ability of young people to be able to participate in concept of Education, decision-making, Establishing chapters, peace and disagreement in their communities, region and beyond.

4.we are also working on builing a school, helping the family with feeing and way of living.

5. we are indeed of school items such as bag pack, pens books and not books are well.