Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention

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Headley Hall
2100 Mansion Drive
Maharishi Vedic City
United States

About Us

The Institute for Natural Medicine and Prevention was established to scientifically investigate through multidisciplinary, collaborative research and demonstration programs, the most ancient and comprehensive system of prevention-oriented natural health care, Maharishi Consciousness-Based(SM) Health Care, for the prevention and treatment of the major chronic diseases of our time, with emphasis on cardiovascular health, aging and quality of life in underserved high risk populations. Our latest research findings have demonstrated:

1. the feasibility and efficacy of the Transcendental Meditation® program in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and its associated risk factors especially hypertension 2. improvement in well-being and quality of life 3. prevention of aging and promotion of longevity 4. reduced medical care utilization and expenditures

These studies have included related findings on behavioral and physiological mechanisms for the clinical outcomes investigated in our trials.

Many of these published studies have received wide-scale media coverage in hundreds of newspaper, magazine articles, and television and radio shows.