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About Us

Mission: To provide education in the prevention of Human Trafficking. To provide and fund teams of specialists to find, rescue and aid victims of sex trafficking, worldwide.

Breaking Out Corporation is unique among anti-human trafficking organizations. Breaking Out was founded to reach beyond awareness and education, to fulfill a critically needed missing role in the fight against Human Trafficking.
Breaking Out is a pro-active, not-for-profit organization whose mission is dedicated to identify, investigate and rescue Victims of Human Trafficking. Breaking Out's highly-trained specialists are specifically trained in anti-Human Trafficking to find, recover and return Victims to freedom.
Breaking Out is a Human Trafficking Victim Rescue Organization that assists and works with Law Enforcement from the local to the government level. Breaking Out's Founder has been a member of multiple Human Traffickingtask forces that combat modern day slavery at it's source.
While investigating a missing child case, Breaking Out's Founder was first exposed to Human Trafficking, or Sex Trafficking, and recognized the need for a proactive organization, not only about awareness, but for the recovery of Human Trafficking Victims, and made the fight against Human Trafficking his life's work.
As a private international organization, Breaking Out Corporation has the flexibility and access to reach beyond borders, to follow Human Trafficking to every corner of the globe. Years of field work, learning, research and mission-specific investigation skills have been focused into effective techniques to fight this human travesty.
Breaking Out's primary goal is to rescue and recover Human Trafficking Victims to ensure that no one is forever lost or forgotten.
Breaking Out operations depend solely upon the support of the general public from private and corporate donations.