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Swaranjali an organization for the promotion of Indian music and its budding artistes, registered under society act DELHI GOVT. in 2000, is a collective of classical Indian music students with the goal to get students of various disciplines and styles together to exchange knowledge and ideas about our music. Swaranjali organizes concerts for students many times a year to create a space for the ama zingly talented students to perform. Indian music has an unbroken musical tradition in the world. Indian music is called as "Sangeet" consisting of vocal music, instrumental music and dance. "Rag" and "tal" define the present day Indian music streams of Hindustani Sangeet and Carnatic Sangeet. There are many musical instruments that are peculiar to India and many are left without due recognition. Indian music is believed to be developed from Vedas and developed within a very complex interaction between different peoples of different races or cultures to define Indian culture. However the recent scenario is that Indian society is biased away from Indian classical music by judging it as something beyond “common " perception. There is a stinging discernment among majority of the Indian youth that music for youth means Western music. Even those who love Indian music will be forced to shut their opinions due to the fear that their peers will ridicule them. However this is not the scenario outside India. They are getting authentic knowledge about Indian classical music and enjoy the same in the real spirit.There are some ambitious steps to eliminate this upcoming disaster to the Indian Classical Music.

Indian musicians must be given a platform to perform their divine talents and there must be genuine support for them from the society. Indian musicians on the other hand must be able to define their art to their audience in a contemporary manner rather than upholding the traditional style of presentation. Moreover there is nothing beyond common man's perception in Indian classical music. The power of music is Universal and each of us has the right and liability to preserve this unbroken musical tradition ,which led Swaranjali to have many concerts like ...

Samay Chakra' 2005, Sufiana Evening'2005, Shamay Chhakra,2004, Sraddhanjali'2005,Shaam -e Mausiqui'2005, Samagam'2005,Sur-Sandhya'2006,Sur-Taal'2006, SWAR UTSAV, GHARANA Festival ,OZONE PRATIVA MANCH,....etc.In association with OZONE Groups, Sahitya Kala Parisad ,Sangeet Natak Academy, India Habitat World, ICCR, "Deva Eternal Yoga ", Holistic health and research foundation Delhi, Swaranjali has organised several concerts of Indian classical Music and Dance in various cities in India e.g Delhi, Mumbai , Bhubaneswar,Chandigarh , kolkata, Bhopal.......etc.

Sh. Subrata De, c/o SWARANJALI, A-2315,SF, GREEN FIELD COLONY FARIDABAD HARYANA,PIN- 121002, INDIA 9910300319 www.subratade.com http:www.swaranjalionline.com/ www.myspace.com/sitaristsubratade Tags: swaranjalionline.com