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About Us

American doctors wrote more than 4 billion prescriptions in 2011, while consumers spent more than $310 billion on these drugs and pharmaceutical companies spent $30 billion advertising these drugs to doctors and consumers. Are all these medications safe? Are there alternatives to these medicines that may be just as effective and provide fewer side effects?

MedShadow wants to change the conversation between you and your doctor about the long-and short-term risks of medicines. MedShadow Foundation, an independent nonprofit that does not accept ads or donations, gathers useful information on medicines’ side effects and shares that insight with readers. We recognize that medications save lives and that many medicines are absolutely necessary in life-and-death situations and for chronic illnesses.

But we want to encourage our readers to look at the trade-offs of taking a medication, do their own risk/benefit analysis, and if appropriate, explore other options. We do not want our readers to blindly accept what is prescribed by their doctor, their family or society. We hope our readers will take the time to be informed so they can be their own best advocates regarding their health.

MedShadow consists of concerned consumers and parents, not medical professionals so please do not substitute what is said on the MedShadow website for what is advised by your doctor or health care provider, particularly when dealing with serious medical issues. Please do share your stories and concerns, however, and let us know about your victories.

Remember: Your health is in your hands. Let MedShadow help you stay informed.

–January 6, 2014